Boost ressources in occupied cities

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    • Boost ressources in occupied cities

      I'm planning to boost my ressources since i have only +180 on my electronics which i need much more to build a navy and aircraft. I product daily around 6k

      Same goes for research and the rare materials..

      My question is:

      1- Is it worth it to build in occupied city and to annex them after ward ? I'm not sure since a plus five industry (arms) gives you +50%

      2- Let's say i have 500 electronics in an occupied, does it mean if i max it out i will get 50% of 500 or double the production ?

      3- How do i max out ressources other than with arms industry (i see the number one has annexed city which give him +1500 in materials with lvl 3-4 arms i'm wondering how he did that) i guess it's growing the moral but how do i do it ?

      i have actually max lvl electronics (only in one city... i play as india and only one city have elecs) and i have conquered china and surrounding so i have alot of territories with electronics city (i'm second in the game).

      What do you do to max out ressources ?
    • 1. I will usually not do any annexing until at least day 10... then again, I will usually play as countries that have 2 supplies/components cities. However, if you are playing a basic 5-city nation, you may want to annex a supplies city or two.

      2. If you build up to a level 5 arms industry, you will get 150% of the initial resource production. So for example, if the initial resource production is 500, and assuming no other resource-boosting buildings are in the city, then you would get 750.

      3. @playbabe has a nifty little tool that can calculate how much resources will be produced per day depending on morale and buildings. Other buildings that can be used to max out resources include air bases and naval bases.

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      Basically, you can't really do much to improve resource production when you're only getting about 800-1000 per day. So wait a bit, until you have conquered some territory, and then start building arms industries, etc.

      Another note: But don't just spam ArIs. If you're planning to max out, do your homeland cities first. If you do occupied cities first, you're only getting about 25% extra resources.
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    • Hello thanks for the answer

      very interesting especially question 2 answer

      as of question 1. Is there a image/link or whatever where i can see how many cities have each country and what do they produce ?

      Atleast the « best » contries

      as for you note, îm building arms in ocupid cities since with india i only have one electronics city and can’t have much from it (i need way more elecs).
    • Hydralysk wrote:

      Tifo_14 wrote:

      Other buildings that can be used to max out resources include air bases and naval bases.
      Thanks.I had not realized that.
      and bunkers boost morale which increases production.
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