MOvement Bug

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    • MOvement Bug

      So apprently sometimes when my troops are at the age of the border between two different provinces , be it the city and provnce or province and province, when i try to move it forward, it will always have a path which sends my troops backwards to the province center before proceeding to move back to its original position and to the position i want it to go ( which is forward)
      IF this is a bit hard to image, what happens is the auto path points my units back to the province's center that the units are currently on before allowing the troops to obey my orders and have them move forward, however when i ask them to move backwards in the direction of the province center this is fixed, sometimes i have to send my troops away from the borders of the two province before being able to fix the bug, however this is highly annoying and a waste of time as i have to remain online to properly set a new course for my troops as this bug also affects the way point system.