Examples of Noobs/Trash Players Getting what they Deserve

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      its hard to imagine s situation ehere they get so out of control.
      I've seen this a couple of times, so no need to imagine.It happens when people recklessly abandon freshly occupied cities, then quit the game to leave large smoking territories behind. The insurgent cities then spawn new units every few days, and start expanding.
      I was in a WW3 game where it happened. The top coalition started getting took down. When they all realized we were gonna take them down the leading coalition all quit. The insurgents started taking over. Most all of Europe. Can the insurgents win the game? If they can they almost did win this game.
      Yes, they can win.
      i wanna try and do that
      I may or may not exist
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      This isn’t a discussion of seeing insurgents or whatsoever take ofer the world, this is to discuss about what other not that great people did and then getting utterly destroyed
      i know but they just turned this thread into chaos
      I mean't to quote this
      "El experto en todos fue una vez un bêginara"

      "You didn't see me sneak under the door" :evil: :evil:
    • I(Colombia) once was in a coalition with Pakistan, Mexico and South Africa. I had all of South America and was doing well. Was top 5 while European coalition had all of Europe,Middle East and African coalition had all of Africa except South Africa.

      Pakistan was a good player and was expanding a bit but he had medical emergencies irl and was inactive for the most part. But he was upgrading and decent economy so his production was decent as well. I didn’t want Europeans or Africans taking him out since he was the only other good player in my coalition, so I sent about half of my airforce to pakistan since he had no airforce. By the time the Europeans had all of Iran pakistan had popped out

      -infantry officer
      -some MBT
      -rail gun and MRL

      The Europeans sent me a message and asked me to join them since they were going to kick out Greece but that they would conquer Pakistan. I told them no. They said if I help Pakistan, they would attack me as well in my homelands. Me not liking one sided easy fights I told them to bring it on.
      they started taking Afghanistan and my asf and strike fighters (before release of EAA) were ready. Pakistan had a stack of tank units followed by rail guns and MRL and we got ready. Their leading member in VPs started first and came for Pakistan and we shut him down very quickly without losing any units and he retreated back and waited for his allies. They told me they have an alliance with African coalition and that they would attack us as well. Long story short it was 2 vs 9. Pakistan went towards turkey and reclaimed all of it while I pushed towards Saudi Arabia and in Africa and pushed the African coalition out.
      then they told me that Greece was going to use gold and wait till “Big daddy Greece” attacks us with his “golden army”. Pakistan and I rushed Greece and he had units but not sure what he used gold for. At this point I brought my near maxed cruisers and officer, went around Europe with 2 stacks and destroyed every naval base. Sweden had 37 ships all in one stack. Corvettes, frigates, destroyers, attack subs and cruisers. He got one hit on me cause I wanted to see what was attacking me, after laughing my ass off I went to range of 100 and made sure I didn’t get any other hit on my ships. Pakistan didn’t lose any units other than couple of infantry running into stacks in provinces and I sacrificed a few asf to bait their airforce so I can ground them while refueling. We were so tired and defending well but progress was getting slow until Mexico decided he wanted to talk. So South Africa and Mexico both sent armoured units and infantry by sea towards north side of Germany and they took out every homeland while we pushed from our side and defended against Africa. Such a delicious win that was.
      they talked so much shit calling us bad players blah blah blah