New Rules for AI declaring war and Morale

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      JimmyMaestro wrote:

      So you agree 1776 was Ancient?
      If you had actually read what I have written, you will see that I 100% do not agree that 1776 is to be considered ancient times.

      JimmyMaestro wrote:

      "This is like saying that the difference between 4 and 5 is 3."

      Word salad, your deflecting the subject, not answering it.
      You said that the sheer power of modern weapons makes the weapons of 1776 ancient. My argument is that gunpowder made arrows and many other hand-to-hand weapons outdated as well. Additionally, you skipped much of history and classed all of history into two categories: Ancient and Modern. And your interpretation of “modern” is around 1914 to present, which I have since shown is grossly inaccurate.

      Therefore, I used an analogy to show you how odd sounding your interpretation of military history is. Here is another, by your reasoning, since the P-47 Mustang fighter aircraft is helpless against the F-22 Raptor, it must be ancient.
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      JimmyMaestro wrote:

      Germany only lost WW2 because they were stupid to invade Russia
      Yes attacking Russianwas stupid. But inky in the way they executed it. They were so aelfconfident that they could Blitzkrieg Russia that they did not bring winter gear.

      The Japanese should have kicked Russia harder but attacking USA and Germany siding with Japan was basically Game over.

      Russia got so many supplies from US they could even use the US supply trucks to mount their artillery on the back.

      Italy also was an useless ally. Rommels troops would have been better used in an other place.

      In both world wars Germany was ‚blessed‘ with its choice if allies.
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      oh coming back to topic. I must object too. My forces are so strong if iignore AI for a couple if days they put relationback topeace. and if i happen to be in that area I loot them.

      warmongers should be punished with the moral penalty. and it just fair if it hapoens that AI declare war. Although I dont understand the trigger. Iwould asume the newspapers most hated country geta the war declaration.
      Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat es einfach gemacht.
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      If you really want to know why WW2 turned out they way it did you should start around the time of the first Greek battles with the Persians, and start extrapolating from that period to the present.

      However you'll get an even better understanding if you start at the early days of the Egyptian empires, and remember to keep track of what was simultaneously happening in Asia and the Americas.
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      KFGauss wrote:

      Dealer of Death wrote:

      KFGauss wrote:

      Each revolting North American colony most definitely had a colony.
      Every cheddar cheese most definite contains cheese.
      Bah! Typo
      Should have written "capitol" not "colony".

      As for the value of this thread - I look at it as little as is possible - I can feel brain cells committing suicide each time I even glance at it.
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      JimmyMaestro wrote:

      Back to the original theme here.

      If a country doesn't have a capital you can't make peace with them. You or someone else has to wipe them out to make "peace" with them.

      So capital or lack of one matters in this game.
      During the Civil War they didn't use a capital to sign peace. They used a farmers house.
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