Coalition Members just parasitizing your wars

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    • It happens to me now and again. I shrug it off at this point. A lot of times it's a lame attempt to make it a bit of a teamwork game rather than 2 solo people that just happen to be in the same coalition. Yet it can be annoying.

      For the most part though, if they take the city I don't have to, and I will move on to another. The benefit of sharing the wealth, even when it was not really an agreed upon share, is that it gets them to fight more of the bots at the end of the game where you just have 3 more bot nations to fight through. Better for them to take 1 while I take 2 rather than me taking out all 3.

      As far as rogue cities go - leaving rogue cities go unattended can be quite bad. I take them, especially when the person who originally took the city lacks nearby infantry units to retake. In some games I've gotten as many as 10 cities this way. I've been burned by festering rogue cities producing rogue units that started encroaching on my territory at time when it was inconvenient for me to deal with it.