Outpost Mechanics

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    • Outpost Mechanics

      Long time player, first time poster.

      A question about oupost mechanics.

      Let's say you have an outpost in a province. Then you add a 2nd stack to that province and move them away from the center. At one point the moving stack will show that it's not center, it doesn't affect the efficiency of the center stack, but still has the outpost bonus. You stop that stack there. So, two stacks receiving the outpost bonus, but not affecting efficiency of either stack.

      Now, an opponent attacks the center stack. Do both get attacked? It's a mechanics question. Does the game see both stacks as being attacked as the OUTPOST is attacked? I understand splash damage, this isn't that.

      Love answers because I have a damn good opponent and I'm employing the wrong strategy (wrong units). I need to overpower incoming with motorized Infantry mortars, but I don't want to suffer efficiency issues.