Trying to play with my roommate, at risk of ban?

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    • Trying to play with my roommate, at risk of ban?

      Hello CoN community, having a bit of an issue!

      I have recently found this game from my roommate who tried to get me into his next match with him. He sent me a server code to join my first game with him, and it said we risked being banned on both of our accounts due to being connected on the same internet provider/network. My buddy is pretty good, been playing for a few months and got the security council. Since he's spent money and is invested, this will surely piss him off so I did not join his game. Do I have to be on a separate internet connection to play the game with my friend? Just playing off my data could get tedious, and only signing in at work I can only see as counter-productive. Seems like a lot of fun to play with friends, but don't want to get anyone banned! Is there any consolation?

      Edit: We are playing on separate devices! We just share the same internet provider and network.