Long-Awaited UI Improvements

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    • Long-Awaited UI Improvements

      I've started a game on my Call of War account for the first time in several months. (I definitely prefer CoN over CoW, but like to check in there every so often.)

      I noticed that there are several new User Interface improvements that have been introduced since the last time I played a CoW round. I know that Call of War and Conflict of Nations are two different games, but they are both operated by Bytro (at least CoN partly is), and apart from one taking place in the WW2 era, there's not really many major differences between them.

      Anyways, I would like to suggest that many of the UI improvements in CoW should be implemented in CoN. I know that they all won't get added (at least, not for a long time), but I just want the devs to know that I would really like to see some of these features added in CoN.

      If you have played CoW in the past few months, you'll know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, I encourage you to do so and check out these cool features:

      1. Users can navigate from the home screen to their game(s) and vice versa, without having to open any new windows or tabs.
      2. A single-game Unit and Province K/D stat is visible, where players can see everyone's Unit and Province K/D ratios for that game.
      3. Players have the ability to pin armies and provinces. Pinned game items are displayed on a "pinboard", allowing them to easily navigate to them when needed.
      4. The flag of a nation is displayed next to that nation's armies, allowing you to tell at a glance what country an army belongs to.
      5. Doctrines are visible in the Diplomacy dropdown.
      6. Province infoboxes tell the target morale, the garrison strength, the number of neighbors, and the Expansion penalty (not a feature in CoN).
      7. The Gold/SC shop and the merch shop are on the same site.

      Obviously, some of these suggestions would take lots of behind-the-screens ingenuity at Dorado, and would probably interfere with the "legacy code" so I'm not expecting to see these anytime soon. I just want to put my thoughts on this topic out there so maybe Dorado will add it to their to-do list.

      Feel free to share your opinions on these ideas.
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