PETITION: Save the CoN Forum! - Like This If You Agree

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    • Opulon wrote:

      There are more elves on the Discord than on the forum.

      Source : me :D
      (Waves hand down in soothing gesture)
      “Havo dad, Opulon (Sit down, Opulon).”

      KFGauss wrote:

      We dwarves are pretty sure that a surplus of elves is what's wrong with the Discord.

      playbabe wrote:

      You leaf lover.
      (Swings around and bends over the two dwarfs)
      “THAT was not so courteous.”

      Mother Hen wrote:

      I think there’s one too many trolls here on the forum...
      (Whirls around and Strides swiftly towards the incoming Troll, running it through with his famed Sword Anduril with a roar)


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    • I have mixed feelings about this.

      As mentioned in the initial post, the forum has many benefits that are rare in Reddit or Discord. The forum is easier to access than Discord and provides much more good information than Reddit. Although the forum is not extremely well-known, it's usually the first place I go when I have a question about the game. Yes, Discord has a forum/thread-like feature, and yes, Dorado uses it, but the forum is really more versatile in that area, as it lets members start new threads, and lets fellow members reply. The forum is not as restricted to mods as Discord in that regard.

      On the other hand, Discord and Reddit are both popular services used by many more people to talk about CoN, and as Dorado is shifting their efforts to the Discord, it removes most of the forum's credibility as a good place to talk about CoN. The Discord server also has meaningful conversations that help whoever asked a question. And, since Discord is more popular, you can get a response faster than on the forum.

      The forum, however, can be as bad as Reddit in many cases. Just read history for proof. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone or taking anyone's side, but the small slice of the community that uses the forum drags it down as well. People no longer talk in the forum or consult it because of the (often off-topic) arguments that happen so often nowadays. It's easier to see why Dorado is shutting it down from this perspective. I admit it, I used to participate in and fuel these arguments, but I don't anymore. These arguments derail the thread completely, and OP is left with 2 or 3 answers because everyone was too busy arguing over one of them.

      Feel free to poke holes in my argument, feel free to comment your thoughts on it. Just please, please don't take it too far. I'm simply sharing my thoughts, and you really don't need to argue with me about them.
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