Suggestion of a new speed mode more friendly to players' sleep: the 4x1/4 speed mode

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    • Suggestion of a new speed mode more friendly to players' sleep: the 4x1/4 speed mode

      It is well known that playing CoN compromises players' sleep health, for which reason many serious (good) players have stopped playing. I quited CoN more than a year ago, although it is my favorite game up to now. I always miss playing this game and constantly think about coming back, but the fear that it may destroy my sleep keeps daunting me away.

      So why is CoN bad for sleep? Simple: your enemies may be active when you are sleeping, and do easy and unfair damage to you, so you are forced to give up sleep sometimes if you care about your country. This is especially true if you play 4x speed mode (I've never tried 4x).

      But there is clearly an easy fix to this problem: just provide a new game speed mode--"the 4x1/4 mode", namely, the game runs only 6 hours a day at 4x speed, and the game freezes for the rest of the day. When the game freezes, players can login to see the game state (all data are accessible), but cannot make any actions (and all game dynamics, e.g. troop movements, combat, construction, economy, etc., freeze). This completely solves the sleep problem.

      Moreover, you can let different games to run at different times of the day to balance your server workload and also allow people in different time zones to choose when they want to play. It is also reasonable to provide similar game modes like this, e.g. 2X1/2, 3*1/3, 4*1/2..., I suggest doing an online poll to decide which one to provide.

      I believe that the implementation of this suggestion will bring back a lot of players, which is potentially more effective/efficient than some of your advertisement efforts.
    • Here's an alternative - At the moment you're more interested in the topic than I am - You can find the links yourself - Use a few Google searches that are limited to supplying only results from this forum site.

      To constrain the search, put this into your search terms: ""

      I'm going to guess that "game" and "speed" would be some of the good words to search for.

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    • SROL wrote:

      So you want players from another time zones to wait until you sleep ? and then when you wake up its time for them to sleep .... I can see you are such a genius....
      Well, that issue could be fixed by the existence of dedicated servers to an especific region, and so on. I dont know much about the matter, but I have seen it implemented in other games. They have a server for the Americas, Europe, Asia, and so on and on. Its not the perfect solution, but its something to think about.

      Another solution, or option if you will, may be the implementation of a more versatile time speed for games, like x2 speed or something. Not that fast but neither that slow. That have been suggested before too, and I think it would be a great, great idea have some x2 games. But well, we got what we got
    • xXWolfXx wrote:

      Its not a bad idea, I know there are some older posts about this but I question how it would work for different timezones. Would it be make select for certain places so that it matches with sleep schedules or did you have something else in mind?
      Say if 40 new games are created in total, then let Game 1-10 run during 0:00-6:00 USA time, Game 11-20 run during 6:00-12:00 USA time, Game 21-30 run during 12:00-18:00 USA time, Game 31-40 run during 18:00-24:00 USA time. This way players from anywhere in the world can choose games suitable for their time zone. So say if I only want to play in afternoon, then if I'm in USA I can choose game 23, if I'm in Europe I can choose game 34, if I'm in China I can choose game 7....
    • CoN simply lose many players, cause they dont care enough about play-life balance.

      Any by losing players, they lose opportunities to make money and it's obvious but it seem they dont care about enough.

      It would be easy to make two-speeds games.

      I would join such to sleep better and I would enjoy CoN much more, knowing that there our some hours during the day, when there is no big need to check the game, as it's freezed/slowed down.

      That's why of the reasons I did not play more and I did some long breaks from the game.

      Albo faster than 4x games, with two speeds would be great as it would bring shorter commitments to play a map, so again more of play-life balance for players.

      Many players are not no-life creatures and it seems that Dorado does not care about it, dont know need of its customers enough.