Aircraft units (rotary and fixed) while grounded attack bug

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    • Aircraft units (rotary and fixed) while grounded attack bug


      I was just attacking aircrafts on the ground while it was refuelling with infantry and somehow when they refuelled and attacked me they took in flight damage on my infantry (even though they are locked on the ground). They could do 4 attacks on my infantry on in flight damage level, while I was costing them only very little damage (I supposed it was on anti plane damage)

      I am pretty sure this is a big, as I have never seen it before (unless it’s a new undisclosed mechanic of the game)

      Has anyone noticed this?
    • Hi KFGAuss,

      It's not the same and I have played for a few years. One thing is that they do damage in defense, that is fine - what I think is a bug is an air unit refueling and attacking the ground unit every 15 minutes with their in air attack, even though it's grounded at an airport.

      Have you experienced anything like this?
    • hi Mih0,

      Last time I had the nerve to play they were making changes to aircraft,
      I think it would be helpful if you can provide more info, such as what units you had or we can try to test this.

      If you want the realism answer, you can imagine the airbase personnel taking up arms to defend the airbase... we can debate if they're too weak or too strong.

      Previously (historically) aircraft could not leave when an airfield was under siege, one thing that changed was aircraft leaving automatically to another nearby airfield (when the airfield/ airport is damaged).