Tool of measuring the distance on the map, from one point to the other

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    • Tool of measuring the distance on the map, from one point to the other

      When planning some actions, the range is crucial.

      It may be range for all kinds of troops, planes, or helicopters when checking if the airport will be close enough or if the enemy will be able to target us.

      A simple tool added would help, where like on google maps, we could choose two spots on the map, and the game would show how big is the distance.

      Simple as that.

      Thumb up if You agree, so then it may be added in future :thumbup:
    • ok I'll try to give a helpful reply.
      (No offense intended but take it of u want DoD :)

      When you select an aircraft (action) you can see that aircraft's range,
      - you may have helo or strike/fighter which are more upgraded etc.
      - you may be looking for a ferry range,

      Sometimes it helps to select a different unit with a similar range,
      I do find myself transposing my fingers from one part of the map to another,

      Annoyingly there are some conditions (not all of which I understand yet) which can affect this, for example I've had planes (aero) unable to ferry where I'm sure they should have been able to. Strike distance can exceed the circles displayed, especially for helo.

      It can be really annoying but all players are dealing with the same issues.
    • I usually use something to measure distance on the computer screen, more or less, a pen a meter or something, and try to guess if it will be enough or not.

      But as game measure and show easily distances for all the troops, like heli's or planes, there should be no problem to add simple tool to measure from point A to point B. It wont complicate the game much. Should be fast and easy to do.