A guaranteed way for Dorado to make 2x more money per map and provide what players ask for years

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    • A guaranteed way for Dorado to make 2x more money per map and provide what players ask for years

      A catchy title, but it really is, what it says.

      If Dorado/Bytro would count how much from selling gold it makes by average per player per map, and then make 'gold-limited' maps, but to enter you need to spend 2x more gold than the average spending per player per map, then simply mathematically Dorado would make 2x more money per map.

      So an example:
      Let's say (I'm guessing) that on average players spend 3000 gold per map.
      Then to enter the maps, each player would need to spend 6000 gold, just to enter, so in the beginning Dorado makes 2x more money.

      And let's say that each player on the map can spend a maximum of 5000 gold, not more. So then Dorado can earn even more than 2x per map.

      Limited use of gold makes it fairer between players, which a lot of them curse and hate, when they meet a player who is over-spending and simply cannot win, cause he pays for his unfair winning, they lose their time, nerves, get worse stats and often stop playing.

      Players ask for it for years and if it can give 2x+ more money to Dorado, why not??

      I would definitely pay for a better playing experience = without guys over-using gold against me.

      Not everybody would, still most of the maps might be as it is now, but some will be willing to pay and spend 2x+ more on average, just not to meet golders on the maps.

      It's a win-win situation, for players and Dorado.

      I had some long breaks from playing cause of golders. I play less cause of golders. Dorado earns less cause of many players like me, who hate over-using gold against us, as it's simply very unfair.

      To make it an even better experience, in the beginning, when it's not popular, those 'gold-limited' maps could be organized so that for example first enough players for all the spots (of 50%-80%) need to sign up, before clock to start a map start ticking and it's said that the map will start for example 9am-9pm Central Europe timezone (and other maps for America timezone and others). You get the info when it starts at least 12 hours ahead. So when is 50% sign up, then the soonest it starts in 12 hours. So the maps are full/half full when starting and you are not surprised when getting started (like the middle of your night, with an attack of 3 neighbors. Just to make the experience better if already you pay to join/play :)

      50% sign-ups for 'gold-limited' map happen at 3am in Europe time, when the map is set for Europe, then the map will start 12 hours from then, so 3pm and all players sign up get the notification of the time the map starts.

      What is good is that mostly players from Europe, won't suffer much from fighting players from very different timezones, like the middle of the night. So they can sleep calmer.

      The sighing up and notification will make sense until those 'gold-limited' maps get so popular that they would fill in 2-3 hours, then maybe it wouldn't be needed anymore.

      Clan matches should be able to play in the same 'gold-limited' standard, also with players signing up for gold.

      Really ask players what they think about gold-overusing players and how it shapes their experience of CoN if you don't believe me.
      Or even send a survey to emails of players who quit playing till now and ask them for reasons, stating there also this reason to sea, how often and how of a problem it is.
      You really can make a better playing experience by this, same time earning twice+ as much.

      PS. to make it clear, as some people did misunderstood it on Discord already.
      Idea is to add additional 'gold-limited' maps, which you need to spend gold to join (so Dorado still earns money and even more of it per map).
      Not to change all the maps for this new standard
      So everybody could still play maps as they are but who prefers to pay more, could play 'gold-limited' maps too :) :thumbup:

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    • He suggested adding these types of games, not necessarily modifying the current ones available.

      But I agree that Dorado has thought of this already, since there have been multiple conversations on this topic.
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