Fixes to the European Tech Tree

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    • Fixes to the European Tech Tree

      Hi, it's been a while since I played the game but I'm back. I was surprised to see improvements made to the American Tech Tree and entirely new units created (such as Seasons and Mercenaries), but I just can't understand why you haven't made any improvements to the European Tech Tree. The changes I think that need to happen are:

      Naval Air Superiority Fighters

      Etendard IVM (Bomber, not a fighter jet) --> de Havilland Sea Vixen or Supermarine Scimitar
      Jaguar M (Bomber, not a fighter) --> F-4J(UK) Phantom F.3

      Stealth Strike Fighter

      F117 Nighthawk (Never in service outside the US) --> FCAS or GCAP or TAI TF Kaan

      Stealth Bomber

      SR-71 Blackbird --> Mirage IV (Not stealth, I know, but at least it's an actual Bomber)

      Recon Vehicle

      Fox --> EE-9 Cascavel, Panhard AML or ERC, Alvis Saladin, Ratel 20, or Spähpanzer Luchs

      Griffon (1. It's an APC and 2. Your version looks absolutely nothing like the real vehicle) --> EBRC Jaguar, Iveco Puma 4x4, Rooikat, or Otokar Akrep II

      What do you think?

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