Not so Special Elite Forces

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    • Not so Special Elite Forces

      OK. So whats so Special about the new elite spec ops?
      To Cut a Long Story short:
      IT IS an overpriced stealth airplane Spotter.

      1. Aactive anti Air IS cool. But at Tier 3 day 30 and 3 damage? Common even with 10 of Them you hardly Put any severe damage to you enemies before some Drone or recon Sees you.
      2. Research the while spec ops Tech tree ? For an Elite unit that does basically the Same But only hast defense benefits?
      3. Spec ops have airdrop at Tier 2. Elite unit hast nö airdrop at all.
      4. The unit has tough limitation to 10. Which makes IT really overpriced in germa of Research time needed to BE invested.
      5. The unit gives no Bonus to Others Units.
      6. The only interesting Thing IS Line of soght 60 and the ability to Spot stealth airplane s. So you couldnput them.untonthe.sorounding orovinces of your sams to.apot Planes. But again you only have 10.

      So fighting all this together. This unit IS Not Special and far from.being Elite.
      @Dorado If you Close the Forum and move everything to Discord you will lose my Feedback for sure.
    • I never play with special forces, so maybe this is standard for these kind of stealth units, but these new elite units engaged and disengaged with my units before I could see them, they'd do some damage and disappear, only way I would know what happened was by looking at the notifications.

      Elite means "different" for the purposes of this game. Otherwise it would provide a major advantage to more veteran players. Elite subs can do shit that other subs can't but they have to stay in shallow water, elite jets can't do shit against other jets, etc.