Loyalty in cities

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    • Loyalty in cities

      Why are the loyalty points of cities taken and built up to 35 and more now dropping in points. We work hard to play this game, take the cities and wait till they are up to the Loyalty point that they can not be taken by Insurgents and the game is dropping the points so that they can be taken. This was not the case some time ago when I started playing this game. Once you take something the Computer AI should not be taking it back when loyalty points of the city are where they should be. You are making this game unplayable because those in charge want the games to run for a very long time. Players should be rewarded for coming together and helping each other in a coalition to win the game.

      I have over 2K in VP and it seems I am the only one that is having my cities loyalty points diminsihed or not increasing when each game day passes. Have had cities still at 25 loyalty, and 27-29 loyalty for several game days, and they have not been attacked by insurgents. I feel I am being punished for being out there way ahead of everyone just so the game can be extended for a longer time. I would like an answer from admin on this.