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    • ECONOMY UPDATE 170512

      ECONOMY UPDATE 170512

      May 12, 2017

      Dear Players,

      Shortly before the weekend we would like to treat you to our economy balancing update.
      As you will have noticed in the past weeks, we have shifted a lot of resources from minor, computer controlled countries to large, player-controlled nations.

      To increase the economical benefit of waging wars of aggression (err… we mean providing military aid to friendly minorities in neighboring states), we have increased the resource output of annexed cities across the board.

      Also we are resetting the markets to repopulate the buy and sell offers - so expect a FLOOD of resources spilling onto the markets of older games in the coming days. Wanna stock up for cheap? Wait for day change and hope your game is among the affected market goodness.

      • The benefits of annexing a city will now be lifted from 33% to 50%. In other words, an annexed city will provide you with one-third more resources- across the board. Remember the actual resource yield scales with Population Level and Arms Factories!

      • An additional benefit of this annexation increase will be more Tax and Manpower output of all annexed cities - so this even affects cities without resources!

      • The markets will be repopulated to better suit player needs. This will happen over time, most probably at day change and in the days to come. Expect some turbulence in older games where the market will buy/sell items for cheap until a new base price is established.

      • Also for new games, large nations with more cities will get a slight bonus on their starting stock of resources - again to compensate for their size and their tactical “disadvantage” of having to maintain many borders.

      The world is yours.

      //Your CON Team

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    • Yes, the update is the right way, but there are 2 things that must canged.
      1. Too high rare material costs in researching
      2. Too few rare material in the start resources

      In my 45er map I have over a day 2 empty research slots, because I have not enough rare materials. Thats a desaster for this game
      If this game works right, I can research continuous.

      My suggestion:
      1. half rare material costs for the updates in the research, only the new tier have the full costs
      2. higher output for the rare material core province . In the moment this province has a lower output than the other resource output.
      3. more startresources of rare material

      In the moment you can remove all the nuclear weapon researches. If you have enough rare materials to have nuclear weapons, you dont need this weapon, because you are the winner of the map :D
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    • TheB2 wrote:

      Thank you for listening to the player base and making changes to keep the game rolling. We appreciate the changes.
      Well said, but I still have another concern.

      With rares in the market gone, there has to be some kind of redemption. Now I can only do about 1 research a day, and I've seen other players cite that as well.

      My suggestions are:
      1. Put rares back in the market.
      or 2. Lower research costs.
      or 3. increase homeland rare production
      or 4. Lower rare costs for buildings. I would prefer this t be coupled with another suggestion.
    • that thing that looks like a test tube is gone that means you cant build anything including nuclear weapons and so at all unless you guys are trying to make people buy on a free game that's all i have to say if that's the case plots of people will leave this game on that reason alone look i also play gow to witch is game of war , and mobile strik and i spend money don't have a problem with that the guy in the chat rooms right now has put me on silence because we are talking about this my screen name has nothing to do with what we have spent money on most of these guys can't get things running or the game wont let them in the United States voicing are opinion is are right under the Constitution I have sent two complaints already on that guy and your site will not let me download the screenshots to prove what I said unless its to the general public and i would perfur not to this to me is within the game first right.
    • look - I have a hard time understanding what you are trying to tell me, except that you are citing the constitution of the United States. It seems that someone silenced you for breaking the chat rules. Simply put, a game is not the senate or house of representatives. Now I don't know what happend, but pur staff tends to adhere and monitor the rules you agreed upon when entering the game.

      You are of course allowed to have all sorts and any knd of opinion, but that does not in any way give you the right to voice them in our channels.

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    • I did not break chat rules they didn't like my name , and me and someone else was talking way the game was not working right you put my game the way i paid for or give me back my money i have as of today to have this site kick from google because of one person his name is and i got screen shots of everything inclueding the rules he said beacouse of my screen name i haven't been able to do anything since i paid 60$
    • We actually do have name changes - just not for the user. I can change your name in a whim.

      This being said I will look into it. Your name is not breaking general game rules (only maybe some players feelings but that's not our business).

      Please supply me with your INGAME Name or PM me with it if you don't want to disclose it in the forum. Only then will I be able to check out what really happened.

      "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
    • Everything's good, but I think rares usage must be reduced in research. Maybe not half, but at least to 65-70% of present values. Because many guys make plans, on how to use market and when to use it, and sudden change in it is a huge blow. 100 criminals may escape a prison but not one responsible citizen must be punished.
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    • Besides when I get mad its hard to talk right let me tell you one thing I will not stand down when it comes to my money and I do know engh. to shut down a web site though the FCC and so on and integrity of the people that put all there hard work on this game and you got want to be people mediating that is ruining the game he put me on mute because of a name not what I said that in turn made it to where i could not do any type of events as and names are up to the people who made the game and if you want to know me I got kids and grandkids in this game that are playing this game and some of you like to talk drity and don't report it.