Combat recon vechiles

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    • ProfessionalF wrote:

      Chances are they won't try and find another 9 units that fit the specific requirements when it's hard to even find CRV vehicles.
      Well, it's easier to find AFV's than CRV's :D

      Germanico wrote:

      Essentially if you want IFV's then look at the Mechanized Infantry - cause they use IFV's: that's their job.
      Well I offered to make AFV's, not IFV's (actully almost same things), just AFV would not include word 'infantry' so they won't be so similar to infantry :D.

      And same thing wtih the marines: don't they use amphibious tracked vehicles?

      Well, I understand that you have some more important things to do so I wish you good luck :).

      Germanico, I don't know, have you noticed that in the earlier posts I said all the bugs with the CRV's pictures in eastern and european military doctrines?

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