Pinned Conflict of Nations: Modern War - What's New or Changed? VOL 2 - THE UNITS

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  • Conflict of Nations: Modern War - What's New or Changed? VOL 2 - THE UNITS


    1. Strategic Airlifting
    Many of today’s military troops can be rapidly relocated via airlift. Utilizing transport and civilian aircraft to quickly move light and medium units from one theatre to another plays an important role in modern warfare – and so it does in Conflict of Nations. Simply move a unit from one airport to another and watch the transport take to the air. Just make sure no enemy is in air range…

    2. Air Mobility
    Helicopter warfare has changed the face of war in the past 50 years like no other technology. We model both air assaulting infantry, as well as light mechanized and armored units being delivered to an unsuspecting opponent’s hinterland via rotary wing aircraft, such as Blackhawks and even Osprey VTOL. Supported by Gunships and Attack Helicopters these forces strike deep and hard.

    3. Winning Hearts and Minds
    Conquering swathes of land isn’t like it used to be under Napoleon – the local population will not simply accept a gun barrel shoved into their faces. Instead it takes dedicated infantry units to convince the locals of changing sides. Always make sure to have a few infantry battalions around to claim what is truly yours.

    4. Port Embarkation and Disembarkation
    For most units in the game going on a cruise (pleasure or otherwise) is only possible at naval bases spread along the coast in cities. Some areas of the map have additional harbors placed in dedicated provinces (such as in the isthmus of Panama or Istanbul)

    5. Oorah the Marines
    Nations planning naval conquest and strategies will do good to research and invest into naval infantry and amphibious armor. These units embark and disembark at any coastline and really pack a punch when assaulting enemy positions or capturing port cities.

    6. Ferrying Aircraft
    Both fixed and rotary wing aircraft have the ability to fly much farther from airbase to airbase on ferry missions. This mode allows the strategic relocation of squadrons and wings over large distances.

    7. Radar and Sonar
    Many modern units have radar to locate possible enemy targets. Predominately used by aircraft, ships and anti-air units, this technology assists any modern general following Sun-Tzu’s ancient wisdom: “Know your enemy. A thousand battles - a thousand victories!”.
    Submarines and some naval units in turn use Sonar to locate the threats lurking in the deep.

    8. Layered Air Defense
    From versatile point defense guns, chewing up helicopters and infantry alike, to surface to air missiles and even Patriot theatre missile defense systems, Conflict of Nations allows nations to create an integrated and layered air defense doctrine. Taking these units out is the dedicated tasks of the attack helicopters flying below the radar, special operations commandos, and of course stealth aircraft.

    9. Stealth
    Nothing spells doom like the night dark silhouette of modern stealth aircraft on a deep strike sortie. Later in the game these predators of the skies become the key to unlocking a nation’s well defended frontline.
    On the ground the US Rangers, Spetsnaz, and SAS Special Forces units reconnoiter and infiltrate far in the enemy’s hinterland. You generally only know they are there when you are in their crosshairs. Make sure to always keep some Combat Recon units nearby.
    "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

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