Units are too expensive

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  • Units are too expensive

    Umm... hey? I'm here with a new suggestion.

    I think the units are too expensive and the cost of them differs much from the reality.
    Now question: how you are calculating and calling all of these resources? Tones? Millions of tones?
    I can bet you, I'm sure these are not in kg.

    So here's an example: western doctrine MBT regiment:

    So the cost of the 1 regiment, 1 REGIMENT, in 1 day is 100 tones of fuel? Millions tones of fuel? Really? Or 65 tonnes of supplies? That's a bit more realistic, maybe 1 day tanks will use 65 tonnes of supplies, but how they can do this if they are standing in the city and securing it all day long?

    Maybe you have a realistic explaination for this. But the units are too expensive or countries have too small economies.

    Compare USA armed forces in CoN and in reality. Some people living in USA may know this better, but as I see there in wikipedia USA has got a looooot of divisions. But realise that, it's impossible to keep them all in CoN, even if the industrial complexes are built, but that is unfair!
    Sorry about short thread, I could even compare the cost of all units, economies and bla, bla, this could be a perfect thread, but don't have enough time :(
    At least I think you'll support me.

    Dislike-why you do this????

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  • err... sure... wait... we reduce prices to basically nothing, but allow the US to build a huge army. Oh what fun. Guys, please spare me.

    Thanks Pablo of putting some meaning into this thread - and yes, tanks will be less manpower in the next update.

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