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  • A CoN Quick Start Guide

    A CoN Quick Start Guide

    This guide is ONLY for reference to help new players understand layout of game after Tutorial Ends (a mini-mini manual of sorts)
    After you join a game the game will open up in a new window.


    Move your cursor over the icons, buttons, and tabs. Doing so will cause some pop-ups to appear given you info on what the various buttons and tabs are. Stock Market

    No matter the map you choose to play the tabs will ALWAYS be the same and only your country will change (this map is for United States of America).

    In the top left corner of the screen you will have YOUR profile/county info and other useful buttons (News, Diplomacy & Research) The CONN Newspaper "CONN News” (CONN). The Paper will announce all the important events happening on your map.

    You will also find the Diplomacy button opens the Diplomacy List. The Diplomacy List allows you to contact other players and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) who control the other countries on your map. The Intel button opens the “Spy Window”.

    The resource tab is across the top (Resources in order Left to right) – Conventional Warheads, Chemical Warheads, Nuclear Warheads, Supplies, Components, Fuel Electronics, Rare Materials, man Power, Money and Gold (premium currency). This tab will also show the amount of Gold you have (and a link to buy/earn Gold and/or buy Security Council (premium account)

    Note: If you are the Game Master and you want to remove inactive players to free up slots for active players to join then click on your ingame profile (top of screen above news/research/diplomacy tabs). The Game Master can ONLY remove inactive plaeyrs THAT IS ALL!

    Click on your name and then click on Game Master Option and follow steps within!
    Note: The (i) button
    gives you quick info on the game and the home button brings you back to your main CoN acocunt homepage.

    At the Bottom right corner you will have two buttons, one to refresh and the second is the Settings cog (click each to use) below image will show settings cog once selected and the different options within.

    In the left hand side you will have the Chat Box. In chat you have different options. Common chats been “Global” for general talk and “Help” for help with the game. If you are a beta tester (frontline), If you are a Council member you can have a separate Security Council chat

    On a Leipreachán Note:
    Chat is linked to ALL GAMES (exception been Alliance and In Game Chat)

    Province Administration:
    In the left hand side you will have your Province Administration Tab about half way down. To open the Province Admin Pop-up click to open. You can also click on any Homeland City and it will appear. This is where you see all that your province has to offer, and also where you build/recruit.

    1. When Using Province Admin Option:

    2. When Using Homeland City option:

    In these windows you can either build buildings or produce units click in any build section and then select what you want from the pop up window

    In the picture above, WASHINGTON DC (U.S.A) worth 7 VP, is a City/urban terrain province. Construction of buildings and production of units can be started by clicking on the “Construction” and/or “Mobilization” buttons (also you have the same option for employing “Agents” (Spies) and setting up a “Rally Point”).

    The Province Resource Production box (INCOME) shows the icons for “Resource”, “Money”, and “Manpower” that province produces. The Province Morale box (shows a blue bar) Fuller = better and more morale %. Red/yellow = bad morale % can rebel to other nation.

    Leipreachán Note: To increase resource production I find this to help;
    • Build Arms Indsustries (build higher and higher)
    • Take over new land.
    • Dont Spam too many uinits they will cost upkeep.
    • Trade with other plaeyrs and use the market.
    On a Leipreachán Note:
    The lower the morale anything below 25% can see your province rebel to another nation/player

    On a Leipreachán Note:
    You can use Gold to increase province morale as well as lower other player’s province morale (lowering enough will make them rebel and join a new Nation. You can also increase morale by building and keeping military units there

    You can ONLY Construct/Mobilize in Homeland City not Homeland Provinces this is intended.

    Victory Points (VPs)

    In CoN every province has VPs Constructing buildings and taken over new land can increase your VP. The more you control the more VP you get. VP can also increase by building up provinces, so the total of all VPs in the game will increase the more players advance so the amount needed to win will increase.

    In the picture above, WASHINGTON D.C (United States) is worth 7 Victory Points

    On a Leipreachán Note:
    Number in brackets is not VP but Population.

    On a Leipreachán Note:
    To win a round you will need to control the VP (this info can be seen in CONN)

    On a Leipreachán Note:
    VPs associated with buildings will vanish if they are destroyed/province taking over (Each level of building will increase VP if construction generates VP

    Differences Between Province/Land/Territory:

    This is simple you have 4 types of provinces;

    1. Homeland Province:
    You can only build outposts build on these provinces, no resources here and you cannot recruit units but you earn cash and manpower).

    2. Homeland City:
    Homeland Cities are the territories that produce resources, allow the construction of units and mobilization of military units.

    3. Occupied Provinces:
    These are Homeland provinces of another nation which you have taken over produces no resources and very little cash and manpower are produced here. Yiou can build outposts

    4. Occupied Cities:
    These territories are Cities you occupy and produce resources, man power and resources/

    5. Annexed Cities:
    These are occupied cities that you have Annexed, once annexed you can construct buildings and mobilize your Army there.

    On a Leipreachán Note:
    These provinces state 12 hr Annexation time but morale will play a key part here the higher the morale the shorter the time to match the 12hrs the lower the morale the the higher the annexation time.

    In CoN research is simple and easy to understand, you have differnt tabs in each tab you have certain type units with each upgrade researched you can move on to the next IF you have the resources and requirements and game day. On the left hand side Research info and the (i) button will help you here ;)

    NOTE: You will have 2 research slots to use. 9 research tabs available and many units to unlock and use.

    On a Leipreachán Note:
    [b]You can cancel research by pressing the red x on the used research slot, but you will ONLY get the UNUSED amount of resources back.

    You can fast-track research by 12 hours using the gold button in the used research slot.


    The INTEL button is accessible on the main map at the RIGHT side of the screen.

    Clicking it loads up the Intel Submenu (additinally clicking on a provicne will open the province pop up and u can select the Agenty wanted):

    Clicking on a province you own loads up the defence spy window (above image), here you can recruit Counter Ops Agents

    There are 4 types of Spies - Counter Ops, Intelligence, Corruption and Sabotage - each do different jobs, and cost different amounts of upkeep.

    Clicking on any Foreign province loads up the below window - the Agent recruitment window.
    This window will show all options available for your Espionage needs

    Clicking on a province you do not own loads up the attack spy window (above image). Here you can recruit here the other 3 Agents (Intel, Corruption, Sabatoge), as well as perform instant actions with CoN Gold.

    Instant actions cost Gold to complete, but they happen immediately, and unlike other Intel missions, do not have a chance of failing.

    They include 2 actions from each of the 3 attack Agents - which will be explained now:

    An Intelligence Agent reveals information about a country. He can reveal the armies in and nearby a lands. He can also reveal messages that the player spied upon has sent, diplomatic relations, enemy agent position and troop recruitments (at the moment factory productions is displayed). He costs 2000 Gold per day to upkeep.

    A Sabotage Agent - They damages the military output of a province. They are also able damage infastructure. They cost 4000 Gold per day to upkeep.

    Corruption Agent - They can destroy resources, stal taxes and lower province morale. They cost 4000 Gold per day to upkeep.

    The left side Intel window shows all of the spy history - you can load the previous days' spying information

    Spy reports appear in the CoN News. Spying reports occur at daychange (11pm Geman time) - instant actions give reports immediately.

    Sometimes an Agent is able to get away with it's mission - this means that in CoNN, the Agents mission would be reported as part of the player who was spied on. i.e. The building in province has been damaged. Sabotage cannot be ruled out. However, it is possible for an Agent to be captured.

    An Agent can be captured before or after completing his mission. If the Agent's country of origin is non determined, then the capture report would be reported as part of the player who captured the spy. If the spy's country of origin is determined (this can be random), then the capture report would mention both countries, and be included as part of a article, much like how a war is reported.


    To declare War you will need to go to the "DIPLOMACY TAB" and select your Lucky Opponent then change your status to "War" from the selection drop down)

    Most attacks happen automatically If your army meets the Enemy or when your reach and enter the main city of an enemy province.

    It is important to remember that if you move your army through another nation you need either RIGHT OF WAY or Military Pact and/or for the Security Council SHARED INTEL if you do not have this then you will effectively declare war on the AI nation if your troops reach the main city or if a player sees your actions as hostile.

    To warn you that you do not have the right to move your army through other lands you will get this pop up warning;

    If you want to attack the other player ignore the pop up and move your units and fights will begin once you reach the other army.

    If while on your travels outside your homeland and you meet hostile forces then they will fight the hostile army and if your forces win what’s left of your forces will march onwards to the original destination.

    On a Leprechán Note:
    In your map it is possible that other players have chosen the same enemy target as you (I know great minds think alike). So if another player captures a province before you, YOUR units will continue their advancement and attack the city and so declare an undeclared war on the other player (if you were not at war)

    To avoid this I recommend you do not attack the city itself with your original orders. Instead target the enemy garrison within the city. To do this is simple select the army in the city as your primary objective and if these units are hidden with a “?” then target the flag that flies over the city.

    Although this is possible it usually doesn't differ in the result (e.g. the province is taken even if you just attack the unit). To directly attack a unit you'll have to click on attack (in the unit command pop up and then on the unit (it is highlighted when you mouse over it).) As if you give the attack command with the drag-and-drop action "you don't really see the highlighting."

    Battle Stats/Reports

    In Conflict of Nations battle results are updated evey hour (unless you are attacking a province with no units that should be an instant win). You can find these results in the In game Newspaer CoN News (CONN)

    Another FUN Leprechán Note:
    You may often see reports like this reported in CONN)

    (Yes I know that above image is not from CoN but a nother game simmilar but concept is the same "LOST UNITS")

    If seen these are NOT Bugged Reports and they are NOT mistakes. The lost message in the newspaper is always referring to a unit which was lost in battle with a different nation. They are just summarized in that article

    War Affects Morale:
    When you declare war it does not just affect your troops it affects your nation as a whole with a War Penalty that affects morale which can affect production and province/troop morale. This pearly is -5% Morale for every country you are at war with.

    To find your war peanalty clcik on one of your territories and press the "i" button beside "Morale" in the province pop up (local Population Morale) This will also show you what else affects morale in a province including distance to capital, energy shortages and neighbouring province morale.

    How do I increase province morale:

    This answer is simple;
    • Constuct
    • Use Gold
    • Limit Wars
    • Have plenty of resources
    • Station units with high morale
    ( I have found the above to work)

    The "X" Factor:

    So it is IMPORTANT to note that terrain type, unit morale, tech level and numbers will have an important part too play in battles/conflicts in CoN.

    I also belive this game to have what is known as the "X" Factor (and no not the singing competition) also known as the "possibility" factor for determining battle results.

    This is a randomly generated number that adds some randomness and excitement to a battle so nothing is ever the same and always something different to experience.

    This battle calculator is a Key feature of the game coding work behind CoN, which is what makes the game enjoyable as no battle outcome is always the same and so not always predictable.

    This X-factor keeps the game fun and enjoyable as not every battle will have the same outcome.

    A Little Leprechán Note:
    Choose your target carefully. I do not recommend declaring war on a lot of nations as your country and people will suffer if you are fighting many wars at once.
    I hope this has helped in understanding the battle system in Conflict of Nations.

    Note: As the game devolops and beta continues the game will update and will be in a state of change until out of beta so some info here may become outdated.

    This Guide remains the intelectual property of Dr. Leprechán ©Squigglerechán Buder Industries snd the intelectual property of Dr. Leipreachán ©Squigglerechán Buder Industries.
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