Brazilian Tech tree (Part I)

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    • Brazilian Tech tree (Part I)

      I would like the Administration of the Game to look with care for the Update of the Brazilian Technological Tree.

      Brazilian Air Force

      Saab JAS 39 Gripen (Stealth Fighter)

      Northrop F-5E Tiger II (Air Superiority)

      AMX A-1 (Strike Fighter)

      EMB-314 Super Tucano (Waiting for developers to decide)

      McDonell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk (Naval Air Superiority Fighter and Naval Strike Fighter)

      P-3 Orion (Naval Patrol)

      Embraer E-99 (AWACS)

      Embraer KC-390 (Transport of Troops)

      SH-16 SeaHawk (ASW Helicopter)

      Mil Mi-35M (Attack Helicopter)

      Brazilian Navy

      Cv Barroso (V-34) (Corvette)

      F Niterói (F-40) (Frigate)

      NAe São Paulo (A-12) (Aircraft Carrier)

      S Tikuna (S-34) (Attack Submarine)

      SN Álvaro Alberto (SN-10) (Ballistic Missile Submarine )