Pinned Brazilian-South Africa/BricS Tech Tree (Work In Progress) Remade

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    • Mathex319 wrote:

      Strike Fighter:

      1. AMX International -T
      2. AMX International - A-1M
      3. .

      The AMX in my opinion, togheter to all of it's modification could be only a level 1, nothing more, because it's just a light attacker with old tecnologies, but anyway, this has been created by a collaboration between italy and brazil, so it could be used for both...
      here's a drawing i tried to do for the reasearch tree page.
    • woltlol wrote:

      i would disagree cause that is not what they use now and they never really used it
      instead italy used it in Kosovo and in north africa and it didn’t keep up with the capabilities of the Tornado (that is a level two ground attacker in the european tree) and neither the Giuseppe Garibeldi carrier lunched Harriers.
      the only good point of the AMX is that it is cheep to fly

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    • Folks I abandoned this project and instead merged this tree into an BIS tree with India, which works way better

      Yes Brazil has a weak military, however it has a large defense industry. Im not discussing the Strategic and tactical abilities of the Brazilian Armed Forces, however Im referring to their defense industry in this topic.

      However none of these tech tree skins are going anywhere, so I wouldn't get too hung up on them :P
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    • Brazil has some future ships to be purchased and or made.
      Nuclear Submarine: Scorpéne Class. Expected for 2010.

      Aircraft Carrier:
      1 - São Paulo
      2 - Atlântico (I know it's just a Helicopter Carrier, but oh well, it's our best ship so far.)
      3 - Poseidon (This is a theory nuclear ship for the Brazillian Navy, it is actually supposed to start to being made in 2025. It can carry over 100 aircraft)
      Pictures of Poseidon:…posseidon.jpg?w=450&h=333

      -Classe Pará (
      (Kinda old, but I think it would be still useful.)

      For the Missiles, we use a lot of imported missiles from France and U.S.A.
      Well, that's all for now!
    • If you choose to make this BRICS tech tree a Latinoamerican one, you have a couple more options: For example, adding argentinian and chilean developments.



      1. TAM 2C ( 105 mm equiped, mostly Leopard 1-level tech but faster, upgraded with israeli thermals, FCS and possible Spike missiles)
      2. Leopard 2 ( Chile has them)
      3. EE T1 Ososio ( actually, they would be on pair with Leo 2, but they never got past prototypes so in an actual production model I think they would reach further ahead in tech.

      Attack Helicopter

      1. . Augusta 109 ( argentinian used them as such on 1982)
      2. Mi-17 "Hydra" ( Colombian modified Hips, highly capable)
      3. Brazilian Hids ( Venezuela also uses hinds)

      Attack planes:

      1- Pucaras
      2- A29 Attack Super Tucano
      3- Perhaps argentinian Pampas, it's an advanced trainer but it's jet engined and includes attack capabilities, there are proposals for a combat variant. Another option would be Brasilian AMX. Thus 1) A29 2) Pampa 3) AMX

      Fighter would be easy:

      1) could be Mirage 2000, as Peru uses them and Brasil did as well. Also, most SA nations used a variant of the "Mirage" family.
      2) F-16( Chile or Venezuela) Mig-29 SMT ( Perú) or F-5 Tigre
      3) Grippen D or Su-30 MK. I think Grippen would be more interesting, but it could be add as a naval fighter

      Naval attack planes

      1) A4Q ( such as they operated from the 25 de Mayo )
      2 Super Etendars, anyone? One of the most succesfull modern anti-ship attack planes
      3) A4M ( the argentinian Figting Hawk and the brasilian A4K are both highly modernized variants)

      Patrol Planes:

      1) C-212
      2) C-295
      3) P3-C Orion


      1) Type 209 ( most South American navies use them)
      2) TR-1700 ( in it's time, the most capable SSks out there in terms of perfomance)
      3) Scorpones, the obvious choice given both Brazil and Chile use them

      Also, you could ad a "missile" variant of the new Brasilian SSN, perhaps Tier1, TIer 2 and TIer3. Realistic? No, but it would adknowledge Brasilians efforts on the field and provide the tech with an interesting capability

      You could add TAM VCTPs instead of BMP 2/Bradley/Marder. The icons would be fairly easy to make as they share many carachteristic with Marders.

      Chilean Piranha and Guarani IFVs could also be add.


      1) Amx F.13
      2) "Palmaria" VCA ( again, an indigenous development using Palmaria turret, so more interesting than foreing ones)
      3) M-109 KAWEST

      AWACS could include Phalcom, and then Saab Eryeye ( wich would also be more interesting to add in the European tech tree instead of - you lnow- just Sentrys). You could use Mexico's E2cs as early entry, tough Mexico is NOT in South America, but still "latin" america.

      Corvetes could include 1) Barrosso 2) Meko 140 3) Tamandaré

      Frigates: 1) Bandeirante 2) Meko 360 3) Type 23 ( as Chile has one)'s a hard one, not many countries use them. But I guess we could add some AA frigates as chilean "Kortenaers" or Type 22, or perhaps foreign designs.

      Same with cruisers ( tough the Phoenix-class and De Ryuter class were in service in the region, but they were old, WW2 era models)

      Carriers could include 1) Colossus Class ( as the argentinian 25 de Mayo and brasilian Minais Jerais) 2 ) Sao Paolo 3) Ocean class


      Anyway, just some ideas :)

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