Alliance Match Options

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    • Alliance Match Options

      There have been issues brought up amongst the Alliances in regards to gold and it's use during gameplay. We've collaborated in a couple of ways to make games 'more fair' and wanted to pass them along.

      1. When an Alliance Match is being proposed, there should be a gold or no gold option. The only restriction would be any Alliance Member wanting to join would need to have a Security Council Subscription (SCS). This will make sure the server resources are paid for in a no gold game.

      2. It would be nice to have several options like a total gold spent limit, say the ability to spend 50K, 250K, 1M or Unlimited for each side and would need to be split on a daily basis, so someone cant spend 100K in one day and blitz. This wouldn't require a SCS as the game would be paid for in gold spend.

      3. (Unrelated to Gold) Alliance Matches should be worth more Ranking than non-Alliance Matches. The level of players are more advanced and I think it could alleviate wolf packing for ranking or quick gold.

      4. There could also be elo ranks to prevent higher ranked players from joining a lower elo game. Say once you break 50K, you can only join games against players over 50K....not saying that is the solution, just a suggestion.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this.