Natural disasters

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    • Natural disasters

      I think natural disasters would add to the realism of the game. I personally believe that the more realistic the game is, the better it gets (not to that extreme of an extent, though). So my new proposal is: natural disasters!

      How this would work: So every few (randomly generated) days, a random natural disaster will happen. These include: tornado, hurricane/typhoon/cyclone (they're all the same thing), tsunami, earthquake, and massive volcanic eruption. And they would be realistic. For example, no tsunamis in, say, the Czech republic will happen.

      What these would do: First of all, they would damage the civilian population and military, as well as buildings (all in the area of the natural disaster). Then it would damage morale, and there would be something like 'humanitarian aid fund' where countries donate to. To make more countries participate maybe make countries lose global popularity if they don't contribute or contribute barely anything. Eventually a country (or countries) affected will recover.

      And the cycle will restart a couple days later.

      To counter this new change's impact, I guess a good counterweight would be increasing taxes (money earned from territories and cities).

      Let me know what everyone thinks.
    • I don't think this is a good idea. If it's going to impact some players more than others based on location, that seems unfair to me, because not every player gets to choose their location.
      Also, you don't explain how armies interact with the mechanic, but I fear it would take armies away from fighting other nations (and Conflict of Nations is all about international conflict).
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    • Those countries affected could get a bonus at the start or more resource production, and all countries could be affected by one event or another, and try to evenly distribute events. But I have to agree that some countries, with any amount of balancing, would be impacted more.
      As I mentioned earlier, morale would recover in a few days, and a slight decrease in conflict in a certain region for a few days wouldn't destroy the purpose of international conflict. It would have an impact, but with the other 9/10 of the world continuously fighting during those few days, it would have minor impact.

      I must revise my idea, however, based on your suggestions.

      1. More evenly distributed disasters.
      2. Slightly less frequent natural disasters (maybe 1 in 2 weeks instead of 1).
      3. Quicker recovery from the natural disasters.

      I also thought of a couple more to add to the mix:
      1. Heat wave. Doesn't damage buildings.
      2. Drought and flooding (and flooding and tsunami would be different).
    • Interesting idea,but I can see it causing issues when it helps one player beat another..

      "It wasnt fair I was winning when the game made a natural disasters and I lost"

      Also does add a huge level of new bugs to go wrong,lol.Might be worth bring the idea up in a year or so when all current bugs are sorted.........

      That said I would love to play a game where at some stage there is a alien invasion and all players need to unite to defeat the invasion before it snowballs out of control....heheh
    • TheTerminator wrote:

      Interesting Idea.

      Wouldn't force it into the game - but perhaps have it as an option that can be "enabled" on the creation screen of the game?
      Would support the RP community out there leading to more interesting and unforseen RPs.
      I think that's a great idea! Obviously I have a few skeptics, so whoever wants to have a more realistic game can use it, but to be a useful feature, I really think the idea needs lots of support.
      So to answer your concern, @jadeknight666, I don't think, when this is implemented, militaries wouldn't be affected as civilians and economies. Keep in mind, this will affect an entire area, and can move around (not tsunamis, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions), so it would likely hit your enemy.
      By what I can tell, the list of new features to be added is very long, and I expect the priority list would include lots of bug fixes, and if I come back with the idea in a year, it might be 2019 before it's implemented, when the game has only been 6 months old, 2 years is quite a long time.
    • In all honesty I really like these ideas and always wondered why they were never truly picked up into single player games such as Civ.
      Paradox last year or so released and update for CK2 about the plague and I have yet to play it, but have read only good things about it, so some games are actually doing it finally.

      In CON our focus is MP / PVP so it's a bit different. Were we a real "nation sim" style of game I would gladly second these features - but as it is it's already hard enough to withstand the turmoils of war without having a Tsunami rip through my capital ;)

      Hope you see my point

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