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      Dear Players,

      Enabling a quicker, more aggressive start, this week's update re-envisions the units available to you at Day 1 on the 45-Player map. Starting positions have been reworked for efficiency, homeland nation resources moved, and several high-level units have been added at game start. Each country now has starting units set specific to its doctrine - so expect some surprises. Victory conditions have been adjusted on both maps, Victory Points are now set at 1000 on the 26-Player map and 1250 on the 45-Player map in order to emphasize a more climactic finish to your games. They remain dynamic of course - so expect them to rise and fall according to the population of the cities.

      Continuing our Naval Aircraft updates, this week we are beefing up the Naval Strike Fighter Progressions, featuring three hefty machines.

      The Western progression features the nimble F - 18 Super Hornet, a multi-role fighter powered by twin F414 turbofans which are capable of propelling it to a max speed of Mach 1.8 at 40,000 feet. For armament, because really, it’s all about armament, she has a nose-mounted 20mm rotary cannon as well as 11 hardpoints for a range of missiles, bombs, or added fuel capacity. Designed to be highly survivable through a combination of design measures and avionics, the Super Hornet is the definitive Western Naval Strike Fighter.

      The Eastern progression features the luxurious SU - 34K, a twin-engine tactical supersonic fighter designed to be particularly effective in adverse weather conditions in hostile environments. Featuring side-by-side seating for a pilot and weapons operator, this machine is designed for long endurance missions, complete with a galley and toilet. Vanity aside, this machine is deadly and comes stocked with a 30mm cannon and 12 hardpoints for a range of rockets, missiles, bombs, and additional fuel.

      The European tree features the Harrier II Plus, a versatile, adverse-weather, multi-role fighter capable of vertical takeoff and hovering. A single Rolls-Royce Pegasus turbofan engine moves this machine with a max speed of Mach 0.9 and a combat radius of 350 miles, while four vectoring nozzles allow for control at low speed. Indispensable in the Gulf War, the Harrier II Plus incorporates a 25mm 5-barrelled rotary cannon along with six hardpoints, capable of carrying a diverse arsenal of missiles, rockets, bombs, and additional fuel tanks.


      • A6 - Intruder
      • A7 - Corsair II
      • F -18 Super Hornet
      • YAK - 38
      • SU - 27K
      • SU - 34K
      • Harrier
      • Super Etendard
      • Harrier II Plus

      • Updated 45-Player Map with new starting units and switched some local resources.
      • Increased fuel output across the map by nearly 20%.
      • Gently increased the AI's memory for perpetrated evil against itself and its allies. The AI does not forgive and forget as easily.
      • Revisited Victory Points and reduced the amount of required VPs:
      • 26 Player Map- the VP's required for victory is now set at 1000 VP from the previous 1250.
      • 45 Player Map - the VP's required for victory is now set at 1250 VP from the previous 1500.

      • Reduced population damage of all infantry units from 2 to 0.5.
      • Reduced amount of Insurgents spawning per province/city

      • Following one full day of player inactivity, an interim AI will now assume leadership of an inactive player’s nation so that games will be more engaging for active players.
      • The New Games page settings have been adjusted in order to encourage more players to join existing games.
      • FIXED: We migrated our servers to the cloud in order to guarantee future stability and performance in the game (still working on some hiccups presently)
      • FIXED: The status of banned players is now listed in the diplomacy panel so that all players can be aware of the change in status.
      • FIXED: Replaced a missing link between the first and second tank destroyer research levels in the Western and Eastern progression trees.
      • FIXED: An edge case scenario where certain purchase orders did not go through in the market.

      As always your insights, suggestions, and comments are valuable components of our game development. Share.

      The world is toast.

      //Your CON Crew

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    • Looks like great fixes. Nice job guys. I noticed the fuel boost right away as I can now do stuff again! YAY! I am fine with money staying nerfed, it gives you a reason to annex AI countries with limited resources.

      I have to admit secretly hoping the harrier would have been added to the western naval strike mix instead of the corsair. I like to make marine carriers and wanted harriers on them. Oh well such is life. If that is all i can complain about in the game, I am a happy snowman.

      And I LOVE the idea of differing starting units based on technology focus. I can't wait to try it out. Any chance of ever letting us CHOOSE our focus?? and maybe adding a naval focus too? hint hint. If we could choose our tech tree and our focus, i just might adopt a dev!

      Thanks for your hard work, I know I truly appreciate it.

      Jacopo: Why not just kill them? I'll do it! I'll run up to Paris - bam, bam, bam, bam. I'm back before week's end. We spend the treasure. How is this a bad plan?

      Remember that no one ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb idiot die for his country.
    • Wemedge wrote:

      Following one full day of player inactivity, an interim AI will now assume leadership of an inactive player’s nation so that games will be more engaging for active players.
      Why was this change deemed necessary? I thought this game was designed as a semi-casual one which would allow for us, who can't always log on every day, to actually participate - without having a braindead AI take control of your nation, ruin your troop placements and spend resources on onwanted research/buildings... IMHO 2 days was a fair minimum requirement for activity.. 1 day/24 hours seems to strict!
    • I love the new look to these jets, as I use naval fighters all the time :)

      I still have some advice for those who can't seem to keep their resources under control. Might be time to look at your economy management, rather than requesting more resource upgrades :P

      Through every economy change, i've never had a problem, so not sure what trouble people seem to be having with it ;)

      All in all, I love the changes so far. I would also love revisiting a few techs like the AA units perhaps, to make then truly viable units to construct and maybe a few nice tank or infantry changes, but for now this is totally epic :D