Why is there a world war two tank in our midst?

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    • Why is there a world war two tank in our midst?

      So I noticed the the (new?) decal-thing for the 1st euro tank destroyer was from wwii. I thought this might be some kind of joke or something, so I looked at the unit stats, and it is supposed to be a "kanonenjagdpanzer". Upon looking at the given image with the unit stats and the decal on map, you can tell they are not the same.

      The images below are the tanks, the one on the left being a jagdpanther for wwii, and the other being the kanonenjagdpanzer.


      The side view is telling, but the front of the tanks is even more so.

      What I really don't understand is why this kanonenjagdpanzer is in the game at all, seeing as it was obsolete when it was produced, way back in the 60s.

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