Best units to invest in.

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    • Depends

      It depends on many factors, Geography, Location of other players that are expanding fast (early days), what units others have.

      Then more or less what you want. You need to always have some sort of "fire support"
      essentially a good way I like to think of things is. "If I see a 50 stack of tanks, how do I stop it"

      Need to have a way to kill your enemies troops with little loss to your own. You may want Howies which are cheap and plentiful. MLRS, Strike fighters or Heavy bombers or maybe use Helis. Or alternatively missiles.

      Then you need ground forces, need an efficient army that can work without you managing it 24/7. Tanks and Mech Infantry are a nice mix. Or Marines and CRVs/Amphibs.

      Then remember to protect your skies. Maybe you want to focus on air supremacy is you are using heavy bombers or helis. Then maybe have Air supremacy fighters. Alternatively use strikers. Or work from the ground upwards, and invest in Mobile AA, Mobile SAMS or TDS

      Geography and many other factors plays a big role. But just keep these things in mind

      • Need to Protect my skies
      • Need to have some fire support in some shape or form
      • Need an army (land forces) that work effectively together

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    • Allow to add my two cents here. My beloved comrade Ocean here has pointed out two major points: either have an effect air-force or air defense, and a decent land force. I'd also suggest an 'adaptable force'- i always have marines and air-cav ready to go.

      You also need a navy, if you're like me and enjoy surface ships, go down that road: you can either have cruiser heavy fleets, aircraft carrier heavy or a light mix.

      Or, submarines and corvettes: corvettes are cheap and become even cheaper by level 3, and submarines branch off nicely into attack subs and missile subs- so you can also have a good missile force underwater.
    • I'll had something more indirect :

      Adapt your global perception of research to your latency of connexion, and your capacity to remain present and give new orders. High-tech High-speed low-HP units are not easy to be used by people that can only have one connexion per day.

      Heavy Groundesque, High-hp devices are more fit to someone that has not too much time on its hand.

      In other terms, while we can debate for centuries about the great advanced shifumi CoN is... If you never fought i will advise you a spear. If i see you have low reflexes or endurance i will not give you a sword... if you have bad Hand-eye coordination i will surely not give you sword and dagger. If you have bad muscular shape, i will not advise you a warhammer. If you are short, i will not advise you a zweihander.

      For example, i know Oceanhawk is a very active player, which i fancy as someone that doesn't need any kind of heavy armor to deflect attacks (because parade/esquive), and would find it only a bother to his nimbleness. This is a style that speaks to me too, but this may not be something that suits you.

      Tanks, for example, are not intensively used by some of us, because we like more the recon, and other units. However... The Tank remains a piece of heavy armor, and i'll need to strike several times on this plate gauntlet before i see any blood dripping, not speaking of concussion.

      Adaptation will always be key, of course, but as we are as different as human can be, the first question to answer yours is : Who are you ? What are your physical/mental shape and your involvment in the game ?

      From there... Quote Oceanhawk / Quote TankBuster :P

      PS : Sorry, i did my HEMA-thing again.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • I rely heavily on tanks, my armoured forces are my pride and joy, So i'll always suggest a strong armoured corp: but i'll always open the debate on whether tanks or TD are better.

      Adapt to your play style, I like blitzkrieg: I'm talking 1940s meets the modern world. I have read the book on this strategy (as in, I have read Panzer Leader, Achtung Panzer! and Vom Krieg) and thus I only research units which apply to that.

      Of course, I also find that some units are hidden gem: Ballistic subs are your secret nuclear silos, Heavy bombers can cripple enemy infrastructure- and never underestimate in late game how destroying metal and electrics can shatter the enemies ability to reinforce their armies (and destroy their cities, reducing population sure is a fine way to hit hard) and and naval patrol planes.