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    • Diplomacy Explained

      I apologize to the Forum as a whole if this is a repeat question, but...

      What is the breakdown of the diplomatic options between nations? E.G. How does a trade embargo negatively effect the country embargoed? What's the difference between a military pact and a right of way? Does a pact allow you to use cities and bases of your ally? War and peace are usually self explanatory, but the others are hazy.

      A description of each diplomacy action would help my greatly or directions to where the descripts are located, maybe I am just blind.
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    • We are still working on the manual and info for the game:

      • War - self explanatory
      • Ceasefire (AI only) - AI does not continue attacking and basically shows goodwill hoping for a cessation of hostilities
      • Embargo - Country blacklists the embargoed nation and does not trade with said nation on the international market - this means less resources to trade etc
      • Peace - self explanatory
      • Right of Way - allows routing through nation providing ROW but no usage of bases / Currently NOT available for AI
      • Military Pact - like ROW plus allows use of air bases and hospitals / Currently NOT available for AI
      • Shared Intel - Like Pact plus exchange of all intel on map data / Currently NOT available for AI / only available to Security Council Members (Subscribing Players)

      Hope it helps :)

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