All out Gamers is recruiting

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    • All out Gamers is recruiting

      I am trying to bring All out Gamers into a fully functional active alliance vs alliance playing alliance. Get in at the ground floor for our first Internal and AvA matches. Looking to fill the ranks with active players that are perpetual students of the game, willing to share advice and experience, and can commit to giving it their all during matches for the good of the alliance.

      Demonstrated commitment to the game, substantial stats and having played multiple games must be shown and will be considered as part of the application process. That said, we currently have room for even new players that want to learn the game and unlock the value of alliance play. 8)

      Joining a skype chat and becoming skype contacts will be required.
      Diversity is welcomed and appreciated (as many time zones as we can get will help us all) and we will use google translate if necessary

      Message Finn_Daddy in game and let me know you are interested in joining. Thanks.
    • Cycle0 wrote:

      Rather stringent entry requirements for an Alliance that has fought no matches, and whose average points are under 600 for all 11 members.
      Likely just a social club?
      That's not what I took from it at all.
      Sounds like a great Alliance in the making, to me.
      They are even willing to train new players. That does not sound "stringent".

      This Alliance has my full support. And with a positive attitude like theirs, I expect to see more of these guys.
    • Thanks Cycle0. You are right in a way. It takes the right people to make a good team and fun team. showing up, communicating, and finishing out a game are what we would need from a player at the basic level. Showing a few games and stats to show they played them out is probably all that's needed to show commitment, and I did not say they have to be good stats. A good alliance cannot be made overnight by soliciting in the game and help chat to get the first 20 players that show up.

      We will definitely start with internal matches and learn to work together, then we will look up cyclone46 for a match.

      Not a huge amount of players read these that are new anyway, so anyone with enough interest to respond to this forum inquiry would likely make the cut. See you later.
    • Making an alliance is hard. As you seem to try to organise yourselves seriously and to manage your members, you have my full support, go and good luck ! Hard Work will make 90% of the success, into establishing an alliance that will stand the stand of time.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • This may be a bad time to start an alliance as it has been my experience that the amount of play in these types of game wanes in summer. That said, I will try to gather who ever wants to begin to get to know each other and possibly play public games with while we build enough to field a team that can show up to a match.

      This alliance had 20 players, half totally inactive, and has never gave hint of playing any matches or developing as an alliance besides just joining. A randomly appointed moderator, I booted out the people that havn't played in a long time and looked like they never even finished a game because of low low rank.
    • Thanks Boh*, yeah don't. We have not made any progress from this post and cant put a team together for any purpose at this point. If you know other alliances with any reason at all to join them, please post them. I wont be doing any recruiting for all out gamers on the forum and probably not within games either until I see this game develop better team mechanics.
    • Bohemianation wrote:

      what is the advantage to being in an alliance?

      why should I join yours
      I know for a fact that the Devs are working hard on tweaking some of the problems with team play. The "team mechanics" that Life-is-good was referring to are already being addressed.

      Alliances offer the highest level of competition within the game. There are many other reasons to join one. But the Challenge Matches are front and center for me.

      Belonging to something larger than yourself can be very fulfilling. Alliances offer friendships and team work with other players. Internal games can be fun and a good place to practice group tactics.

      Back to Challenge matches though... Consider your pubs that you've played. There are usually 2 or 3 players that stand out. The rest might be performing only 1 step above AI. Well now imagine a game where 100% of the players are like those top players. A game where every player is as good as you are, possibly better.
      It is challenging when one experienced player gets to vs another in a pub.
      Now imagine 10 to 15 experienced players vs 10 to 15 experienced players.
      It is one thing to manage your own skills. Now try working together with the skills of an entire team.

      After playing my share of Challenge Matches, i don't do pubs anymore. I require the excitement and adrenaline of a Challenge Match.