10 Tips For New Players Playing Conflict of Nations (Poll)

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    • Don’t know how I feel about number 3. Sure, your units might be more useful on the front lines, but all it would take is a few airmobile infantry to end you. And if they bring ASF you can forget about airlifting your units back. I would recommend at least one infantry in the city and some sort of AA, whether it be patrolling ASF or SAM covering a few cities at a time. The infantry, with the defense bonus (even more with bunker) can fend off stragglers trying to pull a fast one, and the AA will prevent the enemy from raining hell on your country. This way, you have a decent defense without diverting too many resources
      Yee Haw
    • Tip Number 1 - Try to log in at least once a day
      LOL, I think I log OFF once a day

      Tip Number 2 - Build airports

      Tip Number 3 - Don't leave units in cities
      Don't like this one at all. It really depends on the situation. Could be good advice, could be disastrous.

      Tip Number 4 - The best defense is offense
      No, not always, sometimes the best defense is sitting in a level 3 combat outpost in a forest province

      Tip Number 5 - Don’t expand too fast
      Useless tip. You have to play to learn what "too fast" really means, and you'll doom yourself equally as bad if you expand "too slow"

      Tip Number 6 - Technology is key

      High activity will usually beat high tech- bad advice. Should have said "Don't NEGLECT Tech"

      Tip Number 7 - Make use of the market
      OK, no problem with this one

      Tip Number 8 - Make friends and allies
      This can ruin a solo win

      Tip Number 9 - Build arms industries
      Duh x2

      Tip Number 10 - Watch your manpower and build recruiting offices
      While you have to build SOME Recruiting offices, more often than the reverse, my manpower problem is too many people sitting around the barracks doing nothing
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