Optional VP games!

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    • Optional VP games!

      Since you latest updates with VP to win a game, all of the sudden, people are getting way to happy for land grabbing everything in their way. Building arms Industry or researching advanced units really don’t pay off anymore. People in all my 8 games are just building infantry and tanks and shooting it at AI countries as soon they are build. And these players are often very low ranked, and just expand like they are the only ones in the game. There are way too many of them for me to take down, and still protect my borders. Especially on the 45 players map.

      Instead of only having one VP option for every world map, you should have multiple options when you create a game. For instance, for short games 1150 VP, ordinary games 1850 VP and long games 2500 VP. With you latest update where the entire games end in 1500 VP in 45 player maps, players just expand like crazy and achieve very high VP on day 20 already. When they see they are at 600 VP on day 12, they don’t care about other players, and just want to finish the game as quick as possible. If you want it that way, for player not playing long and just attack everyone in range, you should at least have some games, where we still can play normal. Now it’s just attack, attack and attack. No tactic, no preparation and no fun. That how I feel at least.