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    • Economics/Trading

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      I wish there was predefined diplomacy options eg: "Trade Rights" which would swap a certain amount of goods per (amount of time) between the countries. These goods would be separate from the usual Oil, Steel etc stuff that countries use to build things. These things could have different prices per (amount of time), it could go up, down or not change. Using this system, the trade would either add to the "Money" resource or it could take a small amount away from it, based on the economy. The point would be:
      Do you not do trade rights and be less dependent on the economy.
      Or do you do trade rights and have the ability to make more money? (+ possible better relations etc.)

      If you have any questions/opinions be sure to drop them in a comment below!

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    • Hello,

      There is already a possibility to trade resources for a specific relation, tho the relations stays the way you traded for it until the person changes it back or you get another relation trade.
      It is not available to trade it for a specific amount of time tho which could be something interesting to add.
      Have a nice day

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