Some suggestions

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    • Some suggestions

      Research suggestions:

      1) Rebalance research costs. There was a thread that I can't find about discussing research costs. For the first week or so, rare materials are the problem. After that, it's supplies, and sometimes money.

      2) Rebalance the times. I suggest making most researches shorter, while making researching WMDs and ICBMs longer. It takes a long time for a nation to actually formulate the bomb from scratch.

      Economic suggestions:

      3) Make more resources lootable fro the capital. When I capture a capital, I rarely see a big difference in my resources.

      4) More money production.

      5) Oil rigs. They would be spread across the map's oceans, and have a set fuel production. They would be small pieces of land surrounded by ocean and any unit can occupy them (if that's too hard to program, keep it at infantry). Morale wouldn't apply to them. To balance it, maybe nations who have a very small or no coastline would have their fuel cities produce more fuel.

      Unit suggestions:

      6) Make Special fores special again. Right now I see no one use them, and I don't myself.

      7) Maybe make AIs not have so many AA vehicles.

      8)Off-road movement. Make it maybe 1/2 of the regular mountain movement speed for all units and impossible in mountains.

      9) Two words: Unit morale.

      10) A problem about the M1A3 Abrams.

      Map suggestions:

      11 & 12) Rivers thread and Map changes thread

      13) Make Baghdad an actual city in the 1990 map. Maybe add Mosul as well.

      Supply suggestions:

      14) Maybe make encircled troops lose morale, if 8)is implemented.

      15) If a tank, helicopter, plane or ship belongs to a country without fuel, maybe have them unable to move. If it's an infantry, make them move very slowly.

      16) Completely change the fuel usage system. Make it so that fuel consumption by units depends on how much they move.

      War suggestions:

      17 & 18) Surrendering thread &cities thread.

      19) Some problems with HP (no, this is not a bug). Units can heal back HP when they still have some to full, but when a unit loses all its HP, all the soldiers in the unit... die. I suggest increasing HP for all units (except the M1A3 Abrams from 10)), and have a certain portion after each battle un-healble.

      Miscellaneous suggestions:

      20) Maybe, to add some realism, have North Korea have lots of troops, but have them be weaker than normal tier 1 infantry. Add 'North Korea tests ICBM' throughout the game as long as Pyongyang hasn't fallen. And if it gets really late, maybe 'North Korea hits (insert US city) with ICBM. Millions killed (if the US is gone from the map, I will publish a list of other countries)'. At the beginning, almost every country will have an embargo on NK. If China imposes an embargo, another alert pops up on the news: North Korea Nuclear program halted, and ICBM tests stop.
      The list:
      1. Japan
      2. South Korea
      3. UK
      4. Canada
      5. Australia
      6. New Zealand

      21) Funding insurgents thread.

      Some of the threads might be old, and their content might be outdated.

      More might come anytime. I'll just continue with an additional suggestions section.
    • Thanks B-17, I've read and assessed them.

      Without answering to every topic you will be glad to hear we are planning to put more focus on the economic gameplay part from the coming week onward.

      This doesn't mean that we will turn into CIV or even HOI, but it will lead to more economy balancing as well as new features aiming in this direction.

      "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf