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    • I really like the idea of Coalition's as it makes a more permanent and strong feeling of alliance other that just trust. However I have now been in 3 Coalitions that have simply costed me the game due to the leader either being inactive and therefore I cannot claim any land near me. Or them leaving and me being stuck in a Coalition on my own. So I have a suggestion to fix this issue.

      1. Dissolving a Coalition: I think that you should be able to dissolve the Coalition because as stated it's really frustrating being stuck in a coalition that you no longer wish to be in. I like that you cant leave because then you cannot double cross team mates which is a really good idea. But as stated if your team players leave its frustrating because you might as well be on your own and leave a game which no one wants to do. Maybe the leader can dissolve the Coalition but at a cost to maybe your moral or VP.

      2. Kicking players: Once again often players become inactive and because they are part of your coalition it leaves huge areas of land near by you open to claiming but you are just unable to capture it so you have to watch other players enjoy. I am suggesting that In the event a player becomes inactive you are able to kick them out of the coalition. Thus freeing a slot for active players and removing non actives. Once again only the leader has the authority to do this.

      3. Inactive leaders: As stated in the other points above, alot of responsibility rests on the leader being active, If however the leader of the coalition does become inactive then the another member of the coalition (possibly the one with the highest number of VP) can enrol or will become the leader of the coalition, so that all the following things as suggested above can continue to be carried out, as well as control the discussion and maintain the coalition such as adding and removing players.