Stacking Limits

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    • Please fix overstacking penalties.

      How can it be 15er stack with 79,17% efficience (100% moral 13 inf+2 CRV).
      And yeah hello every one im back. I've leave this b-testing in may 2017, but i come back to try it one more time. (my 1 year VIP pass is still active without using)

      But what i see: game gonna be worse even more...
      Ok, we get some really nice updates: new buildings, more ressource provinces and some other good things. i like national guards, but they fixed to be overpowered unit since last speed buff: for same ressources are national guards stronger then common mobile infantry and have higher speed but lower upkeep. hello????

      Doktreens rebalancing with price equality of same units is terrible... Doktreens must have difference: expensive but huge attack and middle deffence power, cheap but midle attack and good defence. and ballanced one with ballanced prices and some good "OP" deffence units. that was at roots of game so, it was a right decision, but no, if more then half players cant handle this rule and cant win even AI rule must be fixed; what about other part of polayer? why should i pay my year VIP access and can not enjoy game, cause it ganny be A) AI and average players to easy to kill, b) less taktiks and strategies available c) steamrollers gonna be unstoppable.

      But back to thread: please fix the overstacking penalties. We need speed penalties for overstacking, we need power penalties. Overstacking of same units shoul get double penalties: penalties for common overstacking+ penalities for same units overstacking. SAY NO TO UNITS SPAMMER STEAMROLLERS.

      back to the roots, game was almoast perfect from beginn.
    • Welcome back.

      Not sure what you are pointing at:

      Stacking penalties reduce speeds together with other effects

      National Guard is not OP - it is balanced and speeds only apply to home territory

      Doctrines are not balanced over price rather over unit
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    • Quate from other thread:

      Opulon wrote:

      No, there also is a critical mass factor, that reduces speed, as shown here

      The Tooltip when you put your cursor upon speed also precises that speed is impacted by accumulation penalities.

      CoN just give us very clear hints that we shouldn't rely on Doomstack except to be Static HP buffer.
      also in may/juni we had 50% power penalty for 14er stack. now 20% for 15er. nice try to say me im wrong with
      "Not sure what you are pointing at:
      Stacking penalties reduce speeds together with other effects" end of quote.

      You should know that i know what i say, even if other cant understand it...
    • Still going extensive test with 15 partners about the new update. We're day 10, too early to give a definitive feedback on stacking penalties as, obviously, Day 10, if you do a doomstack your country is empty and you die. We'll see in late how huge order of battle behave with those stack penalties, and potential counter to them.

      My brain power is limitated in terms of calculating the behaviour of players, outside very precise contexts or case studies. I like the possibility to do bigger stacks. Maybe units should be weighted regarding their class/id. Just a random idea.

      Many of my players did try the new national guard, and it's efficient, while it's getting crushed by Special forces at the moment (normal... but let's just say that we had a discussion about how cool those units are, so... :D). The low cost make it very useful to take some hits, though, and now that the insurgents MOVE, well, let's just say it's good to have them.
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    • Day 10, every homeland city has airport and 1 or 2 def units each city, and one doomstack to kill everything or fly to help to everything with airfield. point. new overstacking penalties are terrible. and bugged. in one of my rounds my ally had 15er stack with 20,83% penaltie, in my other game another ally get 53% efficience for 17er stack (but hey, he had not 100% moral, also, i dont know how high overstacking penaltie he had).

      Bigger stack kill two two times smaller stacks on defence any way, even with former horrible penalties did. Now big stack = unstoppable for players natives of CoN *MODERN WARS* (also small flexible squads to handle troubles arround the world). But CoW strategie players of *big, bigger, huge, doomstack* should not be as succesfull on CoN ways of war as they are with that joke of penaltie.

      one thing which is may be ok: more active palyers could handle former speed penaltie with moving parts of troops in penaltyless squads close to frontline and then used doomstack for battle. While less active players used doomstack whole time had really huge disadvantage of speed penaltie. Now we have so low speed penaltie, by so great stacks, that common player would not have huge disadvantage of online time, while using overstacked squads. Ok, i can understand this. But otherways: active players dont need divide his overstacked squads too. Also a little chance of killing parts of enemy forces on march is deleted. Also not realy great help for less online time players. But still a little help.

      Ok, speed penaltie known by players even not from CoW but from NWE. Also not every one was fun of speed penalties. (Remember speed penalties for overstacking are something feature to give gameplay little bit of true world: great military units need really longer for same way as little units).

      But power penalties are really important for gameplay, i would say necessary. Strategy of burning inrastructure and getting revolts to be buffer is my little trump in fight alone vs number of enemies. And for that deep raid behind lines i need overstacked squad. And for sure i should be lucky of low speed and more important low power penalties. Otherwise if i use x% of my whole troops for deep raid, while y% divided on many important spots could be strong enough on defence against enemies overstacked squads to slow down and stay alive till reinforcement. But now my small defenssive squads could be even oneshoted (in really worse case), but for average they could not stay long enough for reinforcement anymore.
    • Doom stacks are totally lame IMHO.

      They should have heavy penalties for the simple reason of realism. The logistic's of a battle group become more complex with size. There should be a direct correlation between size of battle group and ineffciency.

      That being said, a proper counter attack, in combination with a well placed flanking maneuver are very effective.
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    • Hi ?

      I don't really understand your feedback.

      This post is nearly one year old, the game has progressed substantially.

      Oversize stacks have a damage reduction AND a speed reduction, nowadays.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.