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    • Italian Tech Tree

      I've noticed that in many of the new research trees, at least that a nation isn't a super power like USA or USSR, can't create a complete tree. So I would propose that if a nation can't complete the tree, should use the closest allied technology, for example in this Italian Tree, the naval air superiority fighters are the French one.
      I would suggest that a nation should have in it's tree at least 60% of technology produced or in use in the real world nation.
      I would also suggest that it shouldn't be compulsory that every weapon system should be unique to a nation.
      In this tree you find:
      Total Unit: 93 Units
      Producend in italy: 65 (70%)
      Used by italy but not produced: 8 (9%)
      not used nor produced by Italy: 20 (21%)
      In the base game there are already some units in the European Doctrine that has never been used or produced by any European nation like the F-117 and the SR-71

      Combat Recon Vehicle:
      1. ACC-1 Camillino
      2. Fiat 6616
      3. VCC-80 Dardo
      Amphibious Combat Vehicle:
      1. Arisgator
      2. ACV 1.1 (Coperation between Iveco(italian) and BAE Systems (USA))
      3. VBASuperAV

      Main Battle Tank:
      1. OF-40
      2. C1 Ariete
      3. C3 Ariete
      Tank Destroyer:
      1. 149/40 Ansaldo (a model dated back to 1945 but than almost saw production in 1960)
      2. Centauro 1
      3. Centauro 2 MGS 120/105

      Towed Artillery:
      1. 106/14 VM90 (built by oto malara)…blishingImages/105-14.png
      2. 155 mm FH-70 (Built with the cooperation of Germany, Italy and UK)
      3. M777 howitzer (Built with in UK but it's the only new Artilliery piece used by Italy)
      Mobile Artillery:
      1. Palmaria (Oto Melara (Italy))
      2. M109G (Italian version of the american M109, modified in the 1980's by Oto Melara to use the same barrel as the FH70)
      3. PzH 2000 (created by a German collaboration but produced under licence by Oto Melara and Iveco)

      Multiple Rocket Launcher:
      1. Firos 25 (Built by BPD (Italy))
      2. Firos 30 (Built by BPD, more powerfull and with longer range than the Firos 25)
      3. MLRS (Created by Lockheed Martin but produced under licence numerous EU nations)

        Mobile Anti-Air Vehicle:
      1. Sidam 25 (Built By Oto Melara)
      2. OTOMATIC (Built by Oto Melara, anti aircraft version of the battle tank)
      3. M163 VADS (Built in USA, but Italy doesn't anything as modern)

      Mobile SAM Launcher:
      1. Starstreak LML (producede by UK but italy doesn't have something this dated back)
      2. Skyguard-Aspide (produced by the italian brench of MBDA and RHEINMETALL)
      3. CAMM(ER) (Produced by the italian brench of MBDA)
      Theater Defense System:
      1. MIM-14 Nike (Used by Italy but produced by USA)
      2. MIM-104 Patriot (Used by Italy but produced by USA)
      3. Eurosam SAMP/T (Produced by different MBDA Brench)
      Helicopter Gunship:
      1. A129 Multi-RoleA129 LBH (Produced by Leonardo)
      2. Westland Lynx (Produced by Leonardo)
      3. AW149 (Produced by Leonardo)
      Attack Helicopter
      1. A129 Mangusta (Produced by Leonardo)
      2. Augustawestland Apache (Produced by AugustaWestland)
      3. T129 ATAK (Created by a collaboration between Leonardo and TAI)
      ASW Helicopter:
      1. Bell 212 ( collaboration between Bell (USA) and AugustaWestland (Italian and British)
      2. AgustaWestland AW101 (collaboration between Leonardo (Italian) and AugustaWestland (at the time still Italian and British)
      3. Westland AW159 Wildcat (Created by Leonardo (Italian) and AugustaWestland (now only italian))
      Air Superiority Fighter:
      1. Panavia Tornado IDS (Produced by Panavia, a conglomerate of British Aerospace, MBB and FIAT Aerospace)
      2. Panavia Tornado ADV (Produced by Panavia, a conglomerate of British Aerospace, MBB and FIAT Aerospace)
      3. Eurofighter Typhoon (Produced by EuroFighter a group of European Manufacturers, Leonardo is the italian one)
      Stealth Air Superiority Fighter:
      1. MBB Firefly (German Project but italy doesn't have produced nothing like this)
      Naval Air Superiority Fighter:
      1. Etendard IVM (Italy doesn't produce it)
      2. Jaguar M (Italy doesn't produce it)
      3. Rafale M (Italy doesn't produce it)

        Strike Fighter:
      1. AMX Ghibli (Produced by Aermacchi (Italy))
      2. Panavia Tornado GR1 (Produced by Panavia)
      3. Panavia Tornado GR4 (Produced by Panavia)

        Stealth Strike Fighter:

      1. F-35C (Produced and supported by different nation, Leonardo is the italian manufacturer)

      Naval Strike Fighter:
      1. British Aerospace Sea Harrier (not produced by Italy, but it's the only that have ever used)
      2. British Aerospace Harrier II (not produced by Italy, but it's the only that have ever used)
      3. F-35B (Produced and supported by different nation, Leonardo is the italian manufacturer)

      Naval Patrol Aircraft:
      1. Atlantic 1 (Produced by Aerospatial but used also by Italy)
      2. P-180 FLIR (Produced by Piaggio)
      3. ATR-72 ASW (Produced by ATR, Partialy owned by Leonardo)

      1. P-180 AWACS (future project of implementing AWACS capabilities to the FLIR version)
      2. E-3 (Not produced by Italy)
      3. IAI/Gulfstream G550 AEW&C (Produced by IAI but used by Italy)
      Heavy Bomber:
      1. Vickers Valiant (Not produced by Italy)
      2. Handley Page Victor (Not produced by Italy)
      3. Avro Vulcan (Not produced by Italy)

      Stealth Bomber:

      1. SR-71 (not produced by Italy)
      Naval AWACS:
      Bomberdier GlobalEye

      1. Esploratore Class
      2. Minerva Class
      3. Comandanti Class

      1. Maestrale Class
      2. Soldati Class
      3. Bergamini Class
      1. Hamburg Class (Not produced by Italy)
      2. Orizzonte Class
      3. Durant de la Penne Class (I know that the name is not Italian but it's produced in Italy)


      1. Giuseppe Garibaldi Class
      2. Andrea Doria Class
      3. Vittorio Veneto Class

      Aircraft Carrier:
      1. Giuseppe Garibaldi Class (It has the same name as the Cruiser but this one is an Aircraft Carrier)
      2. Cavour class
      3. Trieste class (It has been already financed and it's beginning the construction, it will be ready by 2025)
      Assault Submarine:
      1. Tito Class
      2. Sauro Class
      3. Todaro Class
      Submarine with Balistic Missiles:
      1. Resolution Class (Not produced by Italy)
      2. Vanguard Class (Not produced by Italy)
      3. Triomphant Class (Not produced by Italy)
        Cruise Missile
        1. RBS-15 (not produced by Italy but used)
        2. KEPD350 (Produced by MBDA and partially by it's Italian Branch)
        3. Storm Shadow (Produced by MBDAa bs partially by it's Italian branch)
      4. ICBM
        1. M51,1 (not used by Italy)
        2. M51.2 (not used by Italy)
        Ballistic Missile
        1. Alfa (produced by Aeritalia)
        2. SSBS 3 (not used by Italy)
        3. J-600T (not used by Italy)
    • Germanico wrote:

      Thanks for all the research you put into it.
      Unfortunately, for the time being we cannot create individual tech trees for each nation - but this info may come in very handy sometime down the development road.


      thank you for yours answer, I saw different research trees so I thought about proposing this one also, I thought it would be nice that the main nations (Like USA, Russia, India, Cina, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy) would have it's own research tree, I know it would be a huge re-skin work, but at least the nations that has a proposed tree would be nice to receive some new skins.
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    • Hello everyone,
      a few years ago I bought a graphic tablet and I was used to draw a lot, than i had to give up cause my work started taking huge parts of my days.
      Yesterday and today that I still was on holiday and I was bored, I decided to try drawing a few image for the italian tech tree.
      I was quite rusty and out of shape, but some of these came out pretty well.
      This should be the little image that you can see on the research tree on the left column (where is shown the unit already been researched) and also the smaller one inside the tree itself.
      I drew a FIAT 6616 that would be a level 1 Combat Recon Vehicle
      a VA SuperAV that would be a level 3 Amphibious Combat Vehicle
      VBA SuperAV.png
      a Ariete C1 that would be a level 2 Main Battle Tank (this came out pretty badly... I'll redraw it probably)
      a AMX Ghibli that would be a level 1 Strike Fighter
    • So, i know no one is interested in this especially since i made this for the first time back in 2017, but today i didn't knew what to do in office so I reworked all of the tree to remove all of the mistakes iI've done back then, now here there are only Units produced or used by Italy, under each name I'll leave a description of the unit and at the bottom of the tree i'll leave the description of what i've added and changed.

      Combat Recon Vehicle:
      • VCC-1 Camillino (Small IFV used by the Italian army and exported, it was based on the M113)
      • VCC-2 ( Improved version of the VCC-1)
      • Dardo (Final version of the VCC family still used today in the italian army, a new version the Dardo 2 is waiting to be financed)
      Armored Fighting Vehicle:
      • FIAT 6616 (AFV produced By FIAT for the italian Army and exported to South America)
      • Freccia (AFV Produced for the italian Army still in use today and reguarded as one of the best in europe)
      • Freccia 2 (Improved version currently in development)
      Amphibious Combat Vehicle:
      • Arisgator (Created for the italian forces in Italy, based on the M113)
      • ACV 1.1 (Still Used by the italian army and produced by Iveco (italy) and Bae Systems)
      • VBASuperAV (future Amphibious vehicle that will be used by the Italian Army prduced by Iveco and Bae Systems)

      Main Battle Tank:
      • OF-40 (MBT created in Italy but only sold as export)
      • C1 Ariete (First Italian MBT with composite Armor still used today)
      • C1 Ariete MLU (All the current C1 Ariete are getting upgraded to the Mid Life Update (MLU) standard)
      Tank Destroyer:
      • AUBL/74 (Prototype for a Wheeled Tank Destroyer)
      • Centauro 1 (Tank destroyer produced for the Italian Army still in use today)
      • Centauro 2 (Improved version in development right now)

      Towed Artillery:
      • M114 [b][i](used by italy but produced by the US)****[/i][/b]
      • M56 (Towed artillery produced by Italy, the majority is in storage right now)
      • FH-70 Vulcanized (Produced by a consortium of european nations and used also by italy, the italian model has recently been modified to use rocket assisted satellite guided rounds)
      Mobile Artillery:
      • Palmaria (SPG creadet for the italian army, now retired by service)
      • PzH 2000 (SPG created by Germany and produced under licence in Italy, used by the Italian Army)++++
      • Porcupine (Prototype for an SPG based on the Centuaro Hull)

      Multiple Rocket Launcher:
      • Firos 25 (MLRS produced for the italian army now retired by service)
      • Firos 30 (Improved versione now retired by service)
      • MLRS (Used by the italian army but produced by the US)****

        Mobile Anti-Air Vehicle:

      • OTOMATIC (AA Gun produced on the hull of the OF-40 MBT never saw full production)
      • Sidam 25 ( AA Gun based on the M113 still used today by the italian Army)

      Mobile SAM Launcher:
      • Aspide Mk.1 (produced for all of the Italian armed forces brench)
      • Aspide Mk.2 (Improved version)
      • Aspide 2000 (Final Version still in use today)
      Theater Defense System:
      • Eurosam SAMP/T ( project used by the italian forces produced in tandem between France and Italy)
      • CAMM ER (New missile currently in research created by the italian Brench of MBDA)
      • Eurosam SAMP/T B1NT (improved version currently in research in tandem between italy and france)
      Helicopter Gunship:
      • A109A EOA (Transport helicopter with possibility of mounting machine guns)
      • AW101 HASH (Heliassault version of the Aw101 transport helicopter with the possibility of mounting machine guns)
      • NH90 HASH (heliassault version of the NH90 transport helicopter created by a consortium of european nations with the possibility of mounting machine guns)
      Attack Helicopter
      • A129A Mangusta (first attack helicopter created by italian industry)
      • A129D Mangusta (final version still in use by the italian forces)
      • AH249 (new attack helicopter currently in research by Leonardo)
      ASW Helicopter:
      • AB-212 ASW (ASW versione of the AB-212 produceb by Augusta and Bell)
      • AW101 ASW (ASW version of the transport helicopter AW101)
      • SH90 (ASW versione of the transport helicopter NH90 created by a consortium of european nations)
      Air Superiority Fighter:
      • F-104 ASA (Final version of the F-104 created by Aeritalia used only by the Italian Airforce)
      • Panavia Tornado ADV ( created by a consortium of European Nations)
      • Eurofighter Typhoon (Created by a Consortium of European Nations, still in service with the italian Air Force)
      Stealth Air Superiority Fighter:
      • Tempest (Planned 6th generation fighter in research for the Royal Air Force, partially researched by the italian company Leonardo) ####
      Naval Air Superiority Fighter:
      • Strike Fighter:

      • G.91Y (Italian ground striker, improved version of the G.91R
      • AMX (Italian Produced ground striker still in active service, produced under licence in Brasil)
      • Panavia Tornado IDS (Produced by a consortium of european nations, still in use)

        Stealth Strike Fighter:

      • F-35A (Partially researched and partially produced by italian companies, in use with the italian air force)

      Naval Strike Fighter:
      • AV-8B+ (Still in service with the Italian Naval Air Force, produced in the US)****
      • F-35B (Partially researched and partially produced by italian companies, in use with both the italian airforce and navy)
    • Naval Patrol Aircraft:
      • Atlantic 1 (Used by the italian air force, produced by France) ****
      • ATR-72 MPA (Produced by the Italo-french (50% each) company ATR for the italian Air force)
      • ATR-72 ASW (produced by the italo-french (50% each) company ATR for the Turkish Air Force)

      • IAI/Gulfstream G550 AEW&C (Produce by IAI used by the Italian Airforce) ****
      Heavy Bomber:

      Stealth Bomber:

      Naval AWACS:

      • Minerva Class (Corvette class with asw capabilities and anti air capabilities in service till 2018)
      • Paolo Thaon di Revel Class (PPA Light) (New class of ships, the Light version is a corvette style ship, the Light+ and Full are Fregates, will enter in service by 2020, first one ready to be launched by 2019)
      • EPC (European Patrol Corvette) (Italo-French program to create a new class of corvettes currently in research)

      • Maestrale Class (class of freagate still in service)
      • PPA Full Class (New class of ships, the Light version is a corvette style ship, the Light+ and Full are Fregates, will enter in service by 2020)
      • Bergamini Class (FREMM) (Italo French project for a new class of fregates, italy has ordered 10 of such ships, the 10th should enter service by 2021)
      • Audace Class (one of the gratest class ever created of destroyers, not in service anymore by 2005)
      • Durant de la Penne Class (Destroyer class still in service, due to be retired by 2025 replaced by the DDX class)
      • Orizzonte Class (Italo french project to create a new class of destroyers, entered service in 2008)


      • Andrea Doria Class (first class of Cruiser born with the capabilies of launching missiles for the italian Navy, the previous class were modified to have this capability)
      • Vittorio Veneto Class (Biggest class of cruiser for the italian Navy not in service anymore)
      • DDX Class (new class of ship that should enter service by 2025, it should be a destroyer, but it is gaining always more capabilities of a cruiser and a tonnage larger than any other destroyer and cruiser in the story of italy, in fact many specialized magazines are calling it cruiser)

      Aircraft Carrier:
      • Giuseppe Garibaldi Class (First class of italian Aircraft carriers, still in service, should be replaced by the Trieste by 2022)
      • Cavour class (Cavour class carrier, born to use AV-8B+ harriers, now is getting refitted to use F-35B)
      • Trieste class (New LHD class that should enter service by 2022 and take the place of the Giuseppe Garibaldi, it will be able to use the F-35B)
      Assault Submarine:
      • Tito Class ( class of italian diesel subs (no AIP))
      • Sauro Class (class of italian diesel subs (no AIP) still in service with it's newest versions)
      • Todaro Class (class of italo-German class with AIP, 2 more of these should enter service by 2022)
      Submarine with Balistic Missiles:
      Cruise Missile
      • Storm Shadow (created by a consortium of european company, in service with the Italian Airforce)
      Ballistic Missile
      • 1. Alfa (produced by Aeritalia)