Cruise Missile Launchers don't fire ? - BUG / Error

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    • Cruise Missile Launchers don't fire ? - BUG / Error

      This has happened in previous games before forcing me to build ships purely to launch my warheads.

      In this game I have over 30 standard warheads with one being available to fire. It doesn't fix even if I rejoin either.
      Day: 41
      Game: 2102080 [It has happened in older ones also but I worked around it in hopes of a near fix]
    • Missile launchers of all types are fickle (or the intricacies of targeting and loading them since it isn't straight forward) , but the interesting thing on this error is that the unit is embarking. There is something about/with the transformation state of units, I had 2 unit stacks that were transporting between air bases and it was 2 days later that I realized that they were stuck in a loop, i.e when they were supposed to land - they started back at the original air base.
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