Theater Defense System

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    • Theater Defense System

      I have been building theater defense systems for a while now in different games but I never actually got the chance to use them since the game would be over before they launched anything at me.

      My question:
      (This is American Tech Tree)
      Each different Theater Defense System has a different amount of missiles in real life. Does this apply to the game too?
      MIM-14 Nike: 1 missile, can it only shoot 1 missile at a time or more?
      MIM-104 Patriot: 4 missiles, can it only shoot 1 missile at a time? can it shoot 4?
      THAAD: 8 missiles, can it only shoot 1 missile at a time? can it shoot 8?

      Any feedback appreciated! :thumbsup:
    • Truffa,

      A very fair question. The number associated with the missile icon is the base damage number applied to the missile or aircrafts hit points when it is engaged (if the damage is greater than the total hitpoints of the unit the unit is defeated.) Much like ships or artillery (notably the frigate) Theater Defense systems fire at incoming aircraft or missiles only once per "turn" then the THAAD system goes on cooldown for a period before it can fire again, so like any good defence system it can actually become overwhelmed if there are too many incoming assailants.

      One thing to consider is the unit will only engage any enemies that move through its circular area of defence. More options for targeting can be accessed in the fire control menu (subscriber feature.)
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    • I know one guy was trying to send stacks of 6 units to an allied buddy via air transport to flank me. He sent 6 seperate transports before he figured out what was happening, but each time the transport would travel through 3 circles of 1 TDS and it chewed up each one as it went through. There is a timer of anti air, which I have noticed units would take hits as the strike fighters and helicopters would cycle back and forth and actually damage the units under the TDS umbrella. So its best to overlay/overlap the TDS circles for maximum defensive coverage.
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