Omega: An alliance above the rest.

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    • Omega: An alliance above the rest.

      Omega is an English speaking alliance that's open to new players as well as veterans. Our ultimate goal is to be the best, but we're only as strong as our weakest link. Join us grow with us and participate in the ultimate cooperative gameplay!

      We're collaborating with other Alliances to have Alliance vs. Alliance games as well as playing pick up games together to refine strategies and train for the big fights.

      Please note, that Omega is looking for active and mature players. We're happy to game with you and even teach you the ins and outs of CoN warfare, but if you have left more games than you've completed Omega is probably not a good fit for you.

      In addition to the alliance application it will certainly help to send me a message stating your experience level, time zone, and why you would like to join Omega.

      Also check out the unofficial Conflict of Nations : Alliances , Facebook page. A great place to find all things Alliances on Facebook and connect with other players.
      -Nobody cares about the Alpha, it's all decided by the Omega.