Funny Interesting Situation

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    • Funny Interesting Situation

      So, I am going through this funny situation and I have some free time so i thought I may as well share my experience.

      Im in this game where I am Saudi Arabia and I am currently at war with the United States and Venezuela because I took over Cuba. They are also receiving partial support from 3 other countries in the American continent.
      I decided to take Cuba a while ago(which didn't belong to any of them) as an overseas base just in case.
      So both of these countries began to attack me which I found pretty funny from the start because of the military comparison between them and I, current stats say I have 22% of total military firepower while(added up) the entire American continent has 23%.(they don't build up economy so i can support a lot more army)
      So they are slowly sending everything they have. Whats funny about this whole story is that every time they send anything they send it straight to Cuba so they keep passing the same exact naval route, where I happen to have a fleet of 1 Cruiser, 2 Destroyers, and 2 Frigates hence every time they pass, they get destroyed....

      This has been going on for 3 days now, does anybody think they will ever realize they may want to change routes? simply going around the island would do the trick....