Trading Between Players

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  • Trading Between Players

    Is this a good idea? 2
      No its an awful idea. (1) 50%
      Yes i think it should be implemented. (1) 50%
    I think we really should be able to trade resources between other players and allies.
    When trading with non allied players we could have merchant infantry that can make a trade root to that player and set up a trade contract :

    EXAMPLE 1:
    the player would buy 1000 supplies for 1300 money or how ever high the seller wants to sell them and they would be delivered by the merchants through air and when flown over a nation with no relations with it will not cause war with them.

    EXAMPLE 2:
    When trading with your ally you would sell them any resource for what ever price you want and when they accept and buy it the resource is delivered instantly to their account with out the need for trade merchants.

    To use any of these actions you would need to select the player and under the (New Trade) button select Resource and then trade with your ally or non ally.