How to stop rouge states from taking over?

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    • How to stop rouge states from taking over?

      I dont know if this has been discussed before but how do you stop rouge states from taking over after you have conquered a nation or Continent? I have conquered the cities along with states/nations/ continent but even after building everything, the city starts to smoke and I soon loose it to rouge nations.

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    • You basically have to deploy some units on every city you conquer and just let them stay there for max 2 days. So that in case of a rogue attack your units will be there to either defeat them or hold them enough for you to use other units t.ex. Planes to kill them. I believe thats the best strategy. I Personally go slow when i attack a nation. Conquering the city and then waiting for it to stop smoking before i advance further with the troops. Remember a rogue state in the middle of a war vs another country can be really annoying.
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    • cbtdoc2002 - I believe all above to be true, but... you are saying you are building and then it STARTS smoking? That indicated that the morale in the city is dropping (bad - very bad).
      Now there may be several reasons for this...

      a) you are committing so many atrocities and fighting in so many wars that your population is totally turned off
      b) you are being subjected to negative propaganda PR by enemy agents or gold spending

      keep you eyes open - check the population morale in your cities and set up a few agents on counter - ops
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    • Click on your city, in the city screen click on the "i" that is next to your city's morale level, that will tell you which modifiers are affecting your morale.

      Being at war with many countries or needlessly bombing a city's population will have negative impacts on your morale.

      Espionage, however is a totally different thing as Germanico explained.
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