Second Roman Republic

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    • Second Roman Republic

      The 2nd Roman Republic is a serious Conflict of Nations alliance in which we both play alliance matches, as well as play recreational matches with the general player base. We have a “government” in place which we use to decide how to proceed with the alliance - mostly everyone will have a say. We do not vote for ranks, we have the founder of the alliance, MrRedSkittles, choose the ranks of players. The 2nd Roman Republic tries to be a welcoming, if not gruff, group of friends and we all try not to be rude to each other. In fact, ****s are banned pretty quickly, because we do not allow negative players to ruin the alliance. That being said, you will get a feel for the climate and will feel out the lines to not cross - but you can still be yourself as long as that doesn’t intrude on another player’s well being or comfortability in the alliance.

      There are many different reasons why you should join the 2nd Roman Republic. One of the biggest reasons being that you will learn to work in a team with fellow CoN players, may they be experienced or not. You will also make new friends with experienced and inexperienced players in addition to getting more skilled at the game at the same time. Another reason why you should join is because you will learn a variety of skills that won’t just help you online but in your day to day life. For example you will learn to be a more confident speaker by engaging in our meeting via voice chat. Of course we understand not everyone can voice chat however you can still engage in the meeting by talking in our Discord chat. Also you will learn how to engage more in the community which in real life will help you in interviews or just talking with the outside community. If you have any questions relating the alliance contact MrRedSkittles and he will be sure to reply as soon as possible