Rail guns as a possible in game unit.

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    • Rail guns as a possible in game unit.

      What would you guys think about implementing rail guns into the game?

      As of present, the U.S Navy is researching the usage of such rail guns into their arsenal. The rail gun is a piece of weaponry that uses electromagnetism to launch projectiles with high power at a high velocity. These projectiles usually aren't explosive; the force generated by the projectile's kinetic energy is enough to obliterate many types of military targets, including armored targets. Possible applications include artillery, anti aircraft, and naval batteries. However, current research into the rail gun is bogged with difficulties with heat dissipation and the amount of electricity needed to power a single nozzle. Even then, the rail gun is certainly a feasible weapon should the difficulties regarding it be overcome. One rail gun volley is much cheaper than a cruise missile; $25,000 USD for a rail gun volley, and $ 1.4 Million USD for one cruise missile, albeit with less range than a cruise missile. The Rail Gun can fire projectiles at targets located at a range of 80 miles (not sure in km). It is projected that a new line of U.S Navy surface vessels armed with rail guns to be commissioned by 2028.

      More info here ---> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Railgun

      As for CON, I think that the rail gun can be something on warships (Perhaps a special type of warship) or as an independent artillery unit. Perhaps a new class of ships can be made entirely, or added as a final upgrade for existing surface vessels.

      Regarding the idea of a final upgrade for surface vessels, I think that the cost of ships per unit should increase slightly to accurately reflect costs regarding electricity generation within the ship. Additionally, there should be a timer for railgun volleys, to reflect the need to prevent the system from overheating.

      I believe that if rail guns be implemented in the game as an artillery unit, it should be a separate artillery unit (one tier above the multiple rocket launcher). If implemented, the research cost should be very high: comparable to some of the research costs of missile technology.

      But however, I do not have any ideas for doctrine specifications, nor am a specialist in the math and science behind the railgun mechanism. For any questions on specifics on the Rail Gun itself, please refer to the wiki article.

      If I made any errors regarding the information posted on rail guns, please let me know, and I'll fix it asap. Questions and comments are appreciated! :) :) :)
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