Pinned Why can't I create the map I want?

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    • Why can't I create the map I want?

      Cadets & Members,

      When playing CoN you might come across an issue which is apparent among all multiplayer games; Inactivity.

      2 Weeks ago we needed to disabled game creation for maintenance reasons (Ending abandoned games, fixing order issue in new games list, server issues)
      In the meantime, we monitored stats and saw an increase in active players as well as populated games. With this in mind, we are only going to make game creation available to Standard Alliance Challenges. We understand that players might want to create closed games for them and their friends to play, but we cannot allow this function to a large amount of players otherwise the playerbase slowly segregates itself into little pockets. Since we are first and foremost a multiplayer game, segregation of players needs to be kept to a minimum, and this has been further justified when looking at the stats.

      Recap: Game creation is disabled for everyone except for standard alliance challenges. If you would like to apply for an Internal Challenge or Elite Challenge you will need to speak to a support member within the community.

      Thanks and best wishes,
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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