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      Q: What is the difference between Province and City?
      A: Provinces do not have the population required to produce resources, however some can produce limited resources but all produce Money and Manpower. A City is larger than a Province and has the required population and infrastructure which will allow you to Construct and Mobilize.

      Q: Why can't my units conquer a province?
      A: Infantry are the only unit's able to capture provinces & cities. (excluding Special Forces)

      Q: Why can't my units conquer an island?
      A: The reason a unit may not be able to conquer an island is if it doesn't have a harbor to disembark on. The Naval Marines are special in that they can embark and disembark on sea without needing harbors, Airmobile units can use their airlift feature to land on an island.

      Q: Can you leave a coalition after you join it?
      A: Yes, coalitions are able to be left. A cooldown period will be ensued which is 24 hours until the removal occurs, this is so that backstabbing is prevented.

      Q: How can I heal my Naval Units?
      A: Yes, they will need to be moved into the coastal regions; and let them sit while they regenerate their HP.

      Q: Can ballistic missiles target Naval Units?
      A: No

      Q: How do I join a Coalition?
      A: You will need to open the Coalition Menu and then select an existing Coalition and click "Details", then in the bottom left you will see an option to join the Coalition. You may need to go into Full-Screen Mode to see the Join Icon. You can do so on most computers by pressing "F11".

      Q: How do I win?
      A: You win by collecting enough Victory Points (VP) as required by the Victory Conditions set in the game. You can always check in the Newspaper to see the Victory Conditions. You meet the Victory Conditions when you go and take new land!

      Q: What are Victory points?
      A: Victory Points (VP) are the set points on each city in CoN. The way to capture more VP is simple you take over the new land with VP.
      You can find your City VP in the province pop-up once you click on a City. It is important that you do not confuse the number in brackets on the map as VP this is just population.

      Q: How Do I Join a New Game?
      A: Just Press Join. Joining a new game is simple. Open the “Games” tab, then click on “New Games” Scroll through the NEW GAME list until you find a game that matches your expectations and click join game.
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