When to delete inactive players

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    • When to delete inactive players

      I just started playing the game.

      About two or three days into the game a whole slew of player's accounts were deemed 'inactive'.

      Then I was made 'gamemaster'. Apparently I have the power to delete inactive players from the game.

      There are currently 3 players (including me) listed as active.

      The news sheet indicates the armies of countries led by 'inactive' players are quite active ... declaring war on surrounding countries and occupying them. So are these accounts really 'inactive'?

      When should I actually delete players?
    • As soon they go inactive you should be able to kick them out of the game and new people should be able to join in,

      Why the inactive players are attacking is because AI's can declare wars on other AI's which why you can still see those inactive players being at war with other countries
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