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    • New Article Notification

      This might seem like a small detail, but I was thinking it would be better if the country name were shown instead of the player's name when receiving notifications about new articles being published. When a new article is published, the notification reads "[player's name] has published a new article" however most of us do not memorize the names of all the players that may be in the game. To get a quicker understanding of who has posted an article, and whether or not it may be relevant to your country, it might be better to display "[country name] has published a new article".

      This also goes for when you receive notifications that a country/player has sent you a message.

      Just a thought. What do you guys think?
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    • Add the country in parenthesis after the name on the articles/msg notification. After all a reputation is associated with the player name, but the country name is only important for that game.
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