Manually stacking units, unit lists

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    • Manually stacking units, unit lists

      Hi guys,

      im relatively new to the game, started 3 matches so far, game is fun, real grand scale strategy.

      Some things are unclear tho and some need to be upgraded.

      As former officer of ex Jugoslavia army and also big fan of MMORTS genre i can say few things about (what I thik) is lacking in this game. Please don't take it as criticism, you done a great job, those are just suggestions.

      01. Unit stacking - maybe i didn't noticed a way to manually stack units, but if it's not possible it should need to be.
      For instance i would like to form armour division or battailon of two tank units, two armour vehicle units, two motorised infantry and one field AA unit. If i want to make two such battalions in same base (city) things get messy. So far i didn't find a way to tell a game what exactly i want to stack in my battalion - I just pile them all in one base and hope for best combination. Also it would be nice to have a way to choose a leading unit (tank for instance or AA vehicle) as icon I would see on battlefield. Would be nice to have option of naming that battalion - but that is not mandatory just nice option.

      This problem could be solved by using unit list, where we could stack all units we want in one larger unit, and if they are near they will form it and we will see icon of leading unit on battlefield. This would make easy recomposing of player made units just by pulling unit from one larger unit list to another.

      02. Unit lists - Closely connected with previous problem, list of units simmilar to list of citys should easy show where exactly is unit, in wich larger unit group it is and what it's doing (attacking enemy unit, standing still etc...)

      Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia.

    • Hi Paviljonac011,

      thanks for the kudos - especially if said praise comes from a former military officer.

      Concerning your points:

      1) The easiest way of forming combat groups in the way you describe is by using the "split" command. Notice that once you click it you are confronted with a selection menu allowing you to separate forces. Now this will not work in one exact location - you need to have a bit of space between group 1 and group 2. Simply selecting the units you want in/out of the stack via split and moving them to the edge of the city already does the job. Should an enemy attack said units may even merge together again to defend, depending on their relative proximity to each other.

      2) We are already planning and designing this list - though it will be a few weeks at least until it makes it into the game. We all play actively ourselves and feel exactly like you. Having said list would be a BIG benefit.

      Enjoy the game and thanks for the support!

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    • It's another suggestion said in another way : The ability to "lock" battlegroups from merging, or even to create "templates" of battlegroup, Europa Universalis style. Something that would be huge, quality of life speaking ^^.

      Btw : creating manual stacks when you have a huge number of different units is painful :D
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